So we had a surprise visitor this morning! The very lovely Ms. Anne Thrope arrived in time for morning coffee with Dear Daniel and me – visitors are always welcome, of course. But when I asked what occasioned the happy surprise (I figured she was here to see the progress on her gown for next month’s show down south), she didn’t look so happy.

In fact, she looked like she’d been up all night upset about something. Turns out she had been up all night, upset. She’d talked to Daniel last night and heard how excited I was about finding the faerie ring of spools*.  Then she said she owed me an apology. And sat down in the chair by the portrait of Jackie and turned the color of ripe peaches**, and started to cry.


It wasn’t our resident fae who moved the spools and made a little ring under the squash. It was the influence of a third martini. Oh, Ms. Thrope, how could you! was my initial reaction, but then she really started to sob, said that after that last drink it somehow made sense to her to secure a faerie circle, as she’d been called faerie before,  so, and I quote, “Faeries Unite!” And that she was dreadfully sorry for deceiving me, but it really was done in an effort to please, not to harm.

Just for the record, queen tears are just the worst – it’s pure kryptonite to me.  I simply cannot stay mad when there’s all that snot and running mascara. Poor thing lost the top half of a feather eyelash in the process. It was just terrible.

So I forgave her. I  assured her that I was not going to stay mad, and that I still love her, and will absolutely still work on her gown for her Atlanta trip next month. Then I took her hand in mine, looked her in the eye, and said, “Now, Anne dear. Never do that again, or so help me, I will take up scissors and wreak havoc to no one’s benefit.” Daniel nodded sagely when she looked to him for assurance with her big big eyes, and she nodded sagely back at me.

I believe we are clear now.

So, yes, all is pretty much settled, but I’m a little embarrassed about yesterday’s post, pretty spool graphics and all. Alas, no fae sightings since the camera trap in the plant, and I’m still waiting to see if any scraps are liberated from the heart box. I’ll keep you updated.


*Daniel had no idea anything was amiss until they spoke on the phone, for the record. He also demanded her presence this morning at coffee when he found out. Which, I suppose explains why he was dressed instead of still in his pjs.
**I’d kill for such great skin, swear to dog.