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Krikket’s drawing looked something like the below (clicky to embiggen). Basically, you follow a tornado until another tornado passes, then jump in behind that one, rinse and repeat until Alysrazor falls from the sky.**

*I’m hoping you can understand my drawing.
**At that point, reorient your business while the raid leader yells at you to group up on her. She means you well, even if she forgets that you cannot locate her by voice, as the speakers on your desk are always in the same place. Look for the star over her head.

(Headsup – I’ve only seen P1 of this fight so far, which is to say, the P2 part is cobbled together from some vids of other people killing this boss.)

Ok, so. Maloriak has two phases. P1 is all about him throwing different colored vials in the cauldron behind him, and some stuff happens when he does. You’ll either get red or blue first, then the other, and green is always third. This goes on to 25% Read the rest of this entry »

(The usual disclaimer: I have not yet personally seen this fight. What you find below is my attempt to ready myself, as ranged dps, to not suck at for this fight. Information from people who did do this fight at the bottom. Extra special ♥s, stars, and unicorns to the people at Tankspot for being some of those people.)

Ok, so that business out of the way, on to what to expect from the Omnomnom Omnotron Defense System:

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I was recently asked about some stick raid members. Specifically a reindeer* moonkin. So, um, I thought it might be best to make you a diagram:

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Disclaimer: I have not yet been in this fight. I make these strat maps as a way of preparing for a raid as ranged dps – so there may be stuff missing (like healing info, for example). Please make sure to check out Tankspot or Wowwiki for the bestest and most detailed info. With that in mind, enjoy =)

Magmaw has two phases. Phase 1 is rife with business that will make your healer crabby if you stand in it. Remember: fire hurts.

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I have been made aware of impending raid plans, and so have drawn a handy explanation.

(There are four druids in this picture. Can you find three?)

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This is what the Halion fight looks like:

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June 2023