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Omigodomigodomigodomigod! I WISH I COULD FIND THE CAMERA CABLE!

So! remember when I put out the heart box of fabric scraps in the basement, next to the thread and the stitch ripper? Well!

Omigodomigodomigodomigod! This is so exciting!

So the first indication that something was going on was that yesterday I walked downstairs with Daniel and there was a spool of thread all the way by the door. I was all like o.Ó even if Daniel was all like  -.- and then he apologized, saying that it was Wednesday morning, and Tuesday is martini night with the ladies, and someone must’ve gotten the thread caught up in their crinoline on the way out or something. But it didn’t quite add up; I remained and o.Ó. It seemed, well, tricky, if that makes sense.

But after coffee this morning, I went to the check on the garden – we still have a couple peppers and some squash that might ripen before it gets too cold, if we’re lucky – and OMIGOD, GUISE!

There, under the squash leaves, right next to the mint that’s going to seed? A near perfect circle of spools, squished into the dirt a bit, like to anchor them. Or like someone had been sitting on them! The same spools that I left out by the fabric for the faeries! Seems the fabric wasn’t to their fancy, but the spools were. So exciting!!

I have GOT to find that camera cable.


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