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My main is an unabashed pet collector, and my other toons need to be able to catch their own pets in a reasonable amount of time (say… by mid 40s?) for me to even want to bother with them for very long.** That’s the thing for me about pet collecting – while I really do adore my Pandaren pet (that little bow is darling!), especially as he was a gift, my favorite pets are the whelplings took ages and diligence to capture. *** If a pet can be farmed, my boomchicken will farm it. Of all the farmables, she’s only missing a scant few, two of which are in raid zones, & it always feels a little cheezy to ask a bunch of people if they’ll join a raid with you for pets, y’know?

So anyway! Goldfish.

Our Small Person and I were talking yesterday while I was logged into Fishing Mage and trying to pull fish up from the fountain in Dalaran, when he noticed that Fishing Mage’s bags were stuffed with goldfish. Twelve stacks and a few stragglers, to be specific.

“Roll over that, Mom,” he said. I rolled over them to show the tool tip. “Aww… They don’t do anything.”

“Well, you can eat them,” I suggested.

“Yeh, but they don’t have any mana. They’re not worth eating.”

I laughed. “They are if you’re hungry, I guess… Or if you don’t use mana.”

I went back to fishing and waiting in the queue for a dungeon. I don’t mind the goldfish, but you know, he’s right – I can’t even give them away, even if they do regen a ton of health at a sitting. People prefer magecakes.

I catch a few coins, and Our Small Person pipes up, “Is there a toy store in Dalaran?”


“They should sell fishbowls.”

Oh. My. God. He’s brilliant. (Well, not that I didn’t know that already, tbh, but still!)

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