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Dear Mr. Tanky McClankerpants –

Because I’m not sure you know, I went and checked for you, and guess what I found out! THERE ARE (gasp!) 5 BOSSES IN OLD KINGDOM! Not 2, not 2 plus an extra mushroom guy who needs killin’ if the mood strikes the group, but 5, count ’em, 5 bosses.

No Love,
Fishing Mage

I like to explain to my non-gaming friends that in WoW, that in order to raid endgame, there are steps that one must take. First one must, through a series of quests and dungeons, level their toon to cap. Then one runs regular dungeons until one has good enough gear to run heroic dungeons. With enough heroic dungeons, one should be able to, between a combination of drops and badges to turn in for tier gear, start raiding. I tell my friends what I found out the hard way, that you need five people to run a dungeon*, and one should be a healer, and one a tank.

LFD in a lot of ways has made this wackysauce easier than it used to be, especially for running dungeons while leveling. LFD will scour your battlegroup until it finds an appropriate composition, and even drop you at the door to your dungeon. It can be heavenly.

It can also be the most frustrating experience ever. I’m looking at you, Mr. Tanky McClankerpants. I’m looking at you.

Fishing Mage only wants to play the game. Fishing Mage loves Spellsteal like nobody’s business. Ok, it’s really more like Buffsteal, but ZOMG, it’s still so much fun!**

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