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The above either means that I’m winging it today, or it means that nothing is going to happen today. Even the hamster is sleeping. In his defense, it is still pretty early.

I spent all yesterday stressed out by an incident on Wednesday night. Do you know I used to be a GL? I was – a little bitty guild on a PvE server. I wasn’t really the GL in anything more than title, as I had agreed to take it on only with the promises of support from the core raiders (all five!), and they held up their end of the deal, proving themselves to be some truly osm people. We had a really good setup of sharing the work involved in running a guild – for serious, we were a pretty good example of collective accomplishment seeking. It was a really nice guild to be in for a while there.

Ultimately what brought me to move on was a mix of everyone’s schedules colliding – simply: it’s impossible to raid successfully when you can’t get ten people in the room at the same time. It’s also really hard to run a guild at all that way. Add to that my crash-n-burn efforts at recruiting*, and, well, the future wasn’t bright, and I went on to server x-fer (and eventually faction x-fer) for a raid slot that would fit what was going on in my life**. I left amicably – I still loff those folks a LOT.

Which is why, when S texted me, I got bright around the edges and popped in on the old server to see what’s up. So I logged in on my lowbie priest, and logged into vent, and J was there, and B too, and V, even! And we got to play in the snow near Ironforge, and I got to be a furbolg with my furbolg stick, and or course J was dueling with everyone, and and and – well it was fun!

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