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Welcome back to the 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project, 2017 #RHPFF edition \o/ This year the lovely Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival interns, Sarah Meigs & Alli Jutras* are taking the reins & bringing us the good stuff. This week they had a merry romp at the Blackstone Valley Bike Paths.


Before coming to RHPFF, the Blackstone River Bikeway was this mystery multi-use bike path I had heard people talk about but I had never investigated for myself. I’m not going to lie, I’m not exactly an outdoorsy girl.. I can appreciate the wilderness but I prefer to enjoy it by looking out the window (the second there are bugs flying around my head, I’m out of there). Anyway, Alli and I ended up at the bike path on a day where the weather was awful, raining and crazy gross humidity. BUT, the bike path was honestly so beautiful – we both felt instantly taken out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a scenic and tranquil place that is not often what people think of Worcester. We only walked a short way but little did we know, the path goes 48 miles from Worcester to Providence. From there, you can ride further into Rhode Island or into my home state of Connecticut! It goes through 14 cities and towns and where it was possible, the path was built along the river so there are lots of plants and animals to be seen as you travel. For those who love to be outside (and even for those like me who don’t) the Blackstone River Bikeway is a delightful thing of Worcester that you don’t want to miss!

*#TeamSalli FTW! Thank you Clark LEEP Program!

Thing I do best in the whole world:


I can sweat with the best of ’em. Without even trying, I sweat like a badass. I get uncomfortably warm when the temp noses above 65, and all bets are off. I found myself in the airconditioned haven of Target the other day, fanning myself for relief and looking longingly into the freezer tubs, thinking, I wonder if they’d throw me out if I hopped in and rolled around in the beef? (I did not hop in.)

So why in all the holy hells did we just buy a treadmill?

One word, friends, one word: Research.

Yes, research. I do this, right? I want to know more about something, so I jump in whole hog and make a concerted effort to get to the bottom of things and understand them. And what I want to know right now is what it feels like to be a person who enjoys exercise.

I’ve never been sporty. Ever. I played field hockey for a semester in the eighth grade because everyone had to play a sport to pass the year, and I hated it. I hated the softball team I was forced to join in the fourth grade. I hated swim club (exercise with the added attraction of the potential to accidentally drown? Exercise while intermittently holding your breath? Are you kidding me?) I’m uncoordinated as fuck, and even my yoga practice (which isn’t really exercise so much as rolling around on the floor for 20 minutes) hasn’t done much to make it better.* I remember getting winded riding my bike as a kid. I even remember Kathy Arsenault in the seventh grade, talking about how she loved her morning run and the muscle definition it gave her, and squinting at her, thinking, Man that sounds terrible. I tried running a couple years ago and I cried through the whole thing.** So what the hell is going on now?

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The Universe stood still for a moment for me so I could lay down on the tarmac and catch her picture. I am honored.

I don’t do a lot of subscribing to much of anything, really – I hate clutter, and find it  especially crazy-making in my email.* I read most things right on their own pages – for example, I read Animals Talking In All CapsLaundry Line Divine, and Shakesville, among others pretty much daily. I read my webcomix like a hungry lady (zomg, Sinfest, how I missed you! Oh, Chloe & Bink, I just want to have you level my priest snuggle you!), and check the pages for updates on their appointed days. As an attempt at tidy, I just don’t have a whole lot arrive my email to tell me something’s new.

But then there is TUT. I receive Notes From The Universe in my email every morning, and I love them so much that I started a whole folder for them, so as to always be able to refer back to them. I look forward to them every morning, and tend to reflect back on them in random moments.

Here’s what showed up today:

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…that August has been spent quitting smoking. Which is to say, nearly nothing got done, and yet I feel like I should receive a medal. Which is to say, um, I kinda unintentionally took the month off of everything, including blogging, to gnash my teeth, gain nine pounds,* eat salted cucumbers,** and take up walking in order to convince myself that I need to stay quat.***

The blog will be back the first week of September. I have lots to tell you about, including a couple of 100 Delightful Things Project entries, some recipes, and some WoW screenies, and I do intend to get chatty.

So! Until next week, I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures I got while huffing and puffing along the bike trails with Man Cub.

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