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Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

This week the gang headed downtown to check out the Worcester Public Library. We got the chance to take a brief tour of the floors and sections as well as speak with the Library’s very own outreach librarian, Jillian Parsons, who was kind enough to answer all of our questions!

In addition to providing the public with free access to literature and other medias, the library runs a variety of free programs that benefit the community. With classes on computer basics, photography, and Zumba, the library has something for everyone. They even run classes that assist members of the community working towards citizenship.

Doors are always open for anyone looking for a quiet spot to study or catch up summer reading goals. You can check out for tons of information and schedules for programs and classes.

We’d like to thank our friends at WPL for a lovely time. Be sure to head on downtown to sign up for a library card or pay off any existing late fees (like we did)!


Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

Maria’s Homegoods is a thrift shop located on 406 Chandler Street, Worcester Massachusetts, that features an impressive selection of antiques, furniture, collectables, and more. After strolling through nearby neighborhoods on the West Side or grabbing a bite to eat at the Loving Hut conveniently located across the street, Maria’s Homegoods makes for a unique and affordable thrifting experience. I would say that this place is especially a goldmine for local artists here in the city—photographers, film or stage set designers and the like; those who regularly seek props or furniture to enhance their creative visions. It’s also a neat place for anyone looking to liven up their home with decorative tea sets or pretty framed paintings. There’s an idea and a story on every shelf. One corner of the store is loaded with beautifully woven picnic baskets that would be perfect for an old school romantic picnic date in the park. Another area features all kinds of assorted collectables from NASCAR to Star Wars. In all, Maria’s Homegoods has something for everybody, whether you’re into action figures or vintage jewelry, antique vials or funny coffee mugs, or if you’re simply in the mood to browse through the aisles and wonder what the history is behind every piece you find, Marias Homegoods is a quaint little establishment bursting with imagination and fine taste that meets all the criteria of a cool thrift store. 

Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

Along with being home to a plethora of artists and craftspeople alike, Worcester itself is a blossoming canvas. This week the team went on a mural hunt throughout the city and found some truly special pieces that we are more than excited to share with you all. Our quest began in the lobby of the Worcester Art Museum where we found two murals masked as one* and concluded on Park Ave with a comic book inspired piece appropriately placed on the brick exterior of That’s Entertainment.

Over the course of our journey we attempted to look up the artists of the murals we were visiting to get a feel for their work and discovered that many of them were based outside of Massachusetts. A few times we set off for one location expecting to find a specific mural and were surprised with multiple murals upon our arrival. Although we saw a lot of gems, there are dozens more we just didn’t have time for.

Many of the murals we visited were part of POW! WOW! Worcester, an annual creative movement organized by different Worcester locals attempting to give back to, showcase and inspire the community they love with public art. Head over to for more information on this year’s up and coming goals and events.


*Unfortunately that one didn’t make it into our video, but you can check it out at WAM during museum hours <6

Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

For Rabbit Heart’s 35th out of the 100 Delightfuls, the crew went up to the iconic Bancroft Tower in Salisbury Park on Bancroft Tower Road in Worcester, MA. The “crew” consisted of the Rabbit Heart interns of summer 2018, Julie Wyman, Lori Shanley, and Fay Bcharah, and also expert reader of plaques, Aisha Naseem.

As you drive through the windy and hilly road up to Bancroft Tower, you sense almost an eerie vibe, but the 56-foot high natural stone and granite tower surrounded by grass and trees uplifts the mood, and makes you want to jump out your car and check the monument out.

The castle-like building was constructed in 1900 in memory of George Bancroft, who was a native Worcester politician and historian. It was built by his friend and admirer Stephen Salisbury III.

This monument has become a sightseeing area for the people of Worcester. It has a great view of the city landscape, including the clock tower of city hall. This view is particularly beautiful in the fall and winter, when the trees have lost their leaves, leaving a clearer view of the landscape. With its greenery and unique tower, this monument is also a space high-schoolers use to take pictures for their proms.

Though you cannot go inside the tower, there have been openings in the past by a team of organized Worcester volunteers called Park Spirit. The last tour was back in October 2016; they opened it to the public for five days, and it has not opened since.

If you are ever looking for something to do that includes scenic views, historical sights, and no money at all, head to Bancroft Tower! For mroe information, about Bancroft Tower, check out this rad writeup from Roadside America

Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy. This week they headed over to The Queen’s Cups (56 Water Street) for treats of the cupcake variety.

This was my first time visiting The Queens Cup since their new Worcester bakery opened. I once visited their location in Millbury, but upon arriving to their new joint I immediately noticed a revitalization of their brand. What was once a tiny mom n’ pop shop has since metamorphosized into a trendy establishment with a contemporary feel consisting of lots of natural lighting, an open floor plan, and all sorts of modern decor. The mason jars and picture frames of customers on the wall still gave it a bit of charm and character, and it was cool to see from the entrance a little window that peeks into their kitchen/bakery. Their signature cupcakes are still as massive and mouthwatering as I remember them  being upon my first visit, and the employees were just as warm and welcoming. While many things are new and different, the Queens Cup has never lost sight of their vision of specialty sweets with a smile. They are continuing a legacy of bringing delicious sweets for all two and four legged friends in central massachusetts, and it’s certainly a treat to have this gem right here in the heart of this city.


Hello all, and welcome to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s first edition of our 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are teaming up to explore Worcester and will be bringing back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.This week Fay and Julie headed over to Asian Supermarket (50 Mill Street, right off Park Ave) to grab ingredients for taro smoothies and to tour the aisles.

You might never think to go into the Asian Supermarket if no one would have told you how great it is. Like many interesting areas in Worcester,  Asian Supermarket is a hidden gem in the busy streets of Park Ave and Mill St. Not only did our fantastic interns not know about this ethnic supermarket, they did not know how big it is! Right when you walk in you will be shocked that you haven’t seen this or heard about it before – there are aisles and aisles of colorful produce, from fruits, to veggies, to beautiful greens that are so familiar from favorite Asian restaurants. And if you’re ever looking for pomegranates in the middle of the summer when they’re off-season, or for strawberries for under $2, this is the place to come! Our team also found delicious snacks and drinks, and of course, a whole aisle of just RAMEN! Food has such an influence on culture, and going to Asian Supermarket gave #TeamEatYerVeggies a little peek into the diversity of Asian culture just by observing the aisles of food at AS.

Some favorites our team found include matcha green tea flavored Kit Kats, and fresh lychees – these little fruits are sweet, refreshing, with a flavor somewhere between rose petals and grapes, and perfect for summer! Along the way, Fay and Julie also picked up taro, coconut milk, and tapioca pearls (boba!) for making some delicious homemade smoothies. The recipe is below if you want to try it out too <6

Taro Smoothie – makes 2 small, or one large
1 c ice
~⅓ c coconut milk (add more for a thinner smoothie)
generous dash of coconut extract
2 tbs sugar
¼-⅓ c cubed and cooked taro (add more for a thicker smoothie)
handful of boba cooked according to package instructions (optional)

  1. Start by peeling the taro and then cutting it into cubes. Add to boiling water and cook for about ten minutes, until soft but not falling apart, then rinse under cool water to bring to room temp.
  2. Cook boba according to directions and cool
  3. Combine ice, coconut milk, cooled taro, sugar, and a generous dash of coconut extract in a blender.
  4. Pulse ingredients until smooth.
  5. Pour the smoothie into glasses, add boba, and enjoy!

Darling! Submissions for Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2018 are now open!

star jar 300Welcome back to Q&A Wednesday! Today’s question is super important, filmmakers:


Q: Hey, Rabbit Heart – How come you’re charging for submissions now? I thought you were all about accessibility and freedom to create art without a budget.


A: Yes, it’s true – we’re charging a little bitty submission fee this year ($5) on FilmFreeway. At the same time, it’s still absolutely free to submit your film to Rabbit Heart directly through the website. So if the fee is a stretch* get that film ready and choose Submissions from the dropdown menu on We gotcha.

I really wrung my hands over the decision to charge a fee. As the festival director, it’s huge to me that filmmakers need not spend a lot of cash to get their art out into the world. A girl’s gotta eat, y’all. And pay rent n’ stuff. When we started this festival business, it was in the mindset that even if you just borrow a phone from a friend and then edit your footage at the library, you should be able to make a poetryfilm. Good art =/= big budget. And so free submissions really falls in line with the Rabbit Heart philosophy. Which is why submissions directly through the Doublebunny website are still unqualifiedly free.

Here’s the scoop: we love FilmFreeway. FilmFreeway has been 95% fantastic for Rabbit Heart, especially in terms of reaching far and wide (6 continents worth of subs since we started accepting films through them!) Hearts and stars, y’all.

That last little 5%, tho’ – it’s films that people submitted with complete disregard for festival  guidelines. With a $0 submission fee, folks are submitting films that are completely divorced from poetryfilm, and in droves (we’re turning down twice the number of films we’re accepting). We’ve received scads of not just overlength films, but  feature-length films, children’s programming, aerobics instructional videos, and pornography.** All of which I have to wade through to find the legitimate entries (because holy carp, I do not want to have an intern stumble onto the racy business x.x) Of interest, direct subs to the website might be a touch overtime, but they’re pretty much always on target – if you’re on the R<3 website, you’ve very probably read the rules, and aren’t just shopping for a (free) place to send your film.

So, very basically, the fee on FilmFreeway is there to make sure that the subs we’re getting are actually relevant to the festival. I really hate sending out disqualification notes. It totally makes me sad (and in some cases, super awkward. See second starred item).

And, you know, if we get a lot of subs through FilmFreeway, that’ll all get to go back into festival prizes. So, hey, win-win \o/



big picture72*Honey, believe me, I understand operating on a budget.

**LOTS of pornography. Enough porn that we briefly considered doing an intimate toy party fundraiser, or an adults-only Dirty Losers showcase. Briefly considered. But overwhelmingly, the lighting just wasn’t that good. Pro tip: you can’t shoot porn in the dark. Three lightbulbs, people. Three lightbulbs. & maybe a bounce.



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