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Straight from the wiki:

Avatar: Legend of Korra is an upcoming television mini-series set in the Avatar universe as a spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is currently under development, and is expected to run for 12 episodes from November 2011.[1] The co-creators of the original series, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, are confirmed to be involved. The pair will personally write all of the episodes to allow for a tighter storyline.

I am totally STOKED!

We’re huge fans around here of the cartoon*  Avatar the Last Airbender around here – we watched the series as a family over countless living room picnic dinners; we craved part twos of season finales to the point where we crowded around the computer and watched them in 10-minute youtube segments, all craned in to hear every last word; we sniffled together at the end, when Book 3: Fire came to a close.
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Thursday is soup day, you know. So here’s the recipe for the soup we had last night. It is downright delicious, and very spicy – more perfect for winter weather than for last night’s weird almost-70, but it was eaten up om nom nom in any case =)

I got the recipe from a woman who worked at a residential program for teenage girls, so be forewarned, it makes quite a bit. Which is to say, it’s a good soup to invite company over for. As the household here at #208 is a growing thing, it’s lovely to have the neighbours up, but still there are lots of leftovers. I like to freeze it after the first serving, and then when I defrost it,  I brown another pound of sausage, as there is generally almost no sausage left from the first serving.

Nicole’s Sausage and Artichoke Soup – serves a small army*

Do you know? It's a thistle!

3# hot Italian sausage
2 small onions, chopped finely
2Tbsp jarred diced garlic
1 1/2tsp oregano
1 1/2tsp basil
2Tbsp parsley
1Tbsp crushed red pepper
2Tbsp beef bullion
1 package of dry onion soup
3 28-oz cans crushed tomatoes
4 8.5-oz cans quartered artichokes
2 32-oz boxes chicken broth
2c water
1# pasta

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Oh, snot. Oh, snot snot snot.  I’m going batshit with it, swear to dog.

My BFF - we go everywhere together!

My body has not been right since, I think, February (March? No – I think it was February). That’s when the dreaded norovirus trotted through our house and totaled me for about a week.

It came home from school with Our Small Person, and laid him low for a few days. I want to say here and now that the second worst thing about watching your loved one throw up* is the knowledge that you’re next in line for that business. Despite the fact that we sanitized behind him, and that WIll was able to avoid all that nonsense, I got it a week later, and manoman, did I get it. There was moaning and crying, and barfing into bags while sitting on the toilet. There was Will calling my clients and telling them, Under no circumstances should you come to our home; I don’t care if you have a fitting today,  consider this a plague zone. There was a deep fear that I would reinfect Our Small Person or take Will out (Oh, yes – you can get norovirus over and over in an endless circle jerk of household hilarity. Norovirus is a hardy motherfucker). It was just terrible.

And since then there has been noteworthy fallout. I have dealt with an ulcer, with recurring back/hip pain that I’ve never had before and which seems to come and go as if by magic, and the worst part so far, with allergies.

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Part the First:
Last night at writing group, Skipper Jane quipped that her favorite animals are all black and white and start with the letter P: pandas, penguins, and pnuns*.

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Things are coming along swimmingly.

It is a kinder, gentler* furbolg, for sure, but I think that’s ok for Halloween, don’t you? Full pix under the cut.

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Horoscope written by Firefly writers today?

Onward, in any case – I have bread to make, and a furbolg costume to finish (zomg – exciting piccies for you soon)!

Will and Skipper Jane and I spent half an hour last night watching this over and over and over again, and laughing our butts off. Enjoy!

This cat has a sassy mouth – not safe for work!

It’s time for a post about stuff I love enough to save up to buy.

My mom gifted me with a trip to Kripalu* last spring, and while there I browsed the gift shop. As a general rule, I stay on a budget when I walk into a place like that – I know exactly how much I have to spend, I only visit the gift shop once, and I will only buy something if it feels Really Special. The year before when we went, my big splurge was on a book/cd combo from Krishna Das**. This year I was drawn to the smelly stuffs – the soaps and the lotions. And while I’ll always go sniff the smellies, I don’t really tend to purchase very much.

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Know what makes me bizarre on a regular basis? People who do not understand that being patriotic, that being American, in the US does not mean being a Christian. Especially when the people who spout that divisionist garbage are running for office.

Look at the dangerous clown in this video below – skip to 0:48 for her asking, “Where in the Constitution is separation of Church and State?” and then check out the last fifteen seconds of the clip, where she natters on in disbelief that it’s (ZOMG!) right there in the First Amendment. This is the Tea Party’s finest, my friends. If she gets into office, it’s balloon animals for everyone!*

(source: CNN)
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