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I made this!

They’re still baking bread over at Michael Ruhlman’s site, and it’s delightful. This week Peter Reinhart did a guest blog on Challah and I had to try it out – it just looked so good!

Full admission: I’m a secular jew. What that means, my friends, is that I don’t spend time at the synagogue, and I identify as a jew mostly in terms of ethnicity. Sure we haul out the menorah for Chanukah, and yes, I know the shabbis prayers for candles*, but religion by no means plays a center-stage role in our household. There’s a whole post about this business, I’m sure, and at some point, I’ll write it, but not today.

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Happy Hanukkah, everyone! Last night we celebrated the first night with gifties for Our Small Person, and neighbours up for latkes and matzo ball soup – it was lovely.

All I need is an occasion to make latkes and matzo ball soup, to be honest. I was once told (while the teller was laughing at me, no less*) that matzo ball soup and latkes are Passover food, not Hanukkah food. Well, screw her – it’s comfort food, and I’ll cook it any time I want to, thank you very much. But it is a bit of a production to put it together, so I only cook these things on special occasions. What better an occasion than one that involves a holiday and presents,** really?

The last few times I made matzo ball soup, the matzo balls came out firmer than I wanted, so I changed some business up this time, and they came out damned near perfect – so exciting!

The new baby. Isn't she just lovely?!

Light, fluffy, delicious, and I will share the how-to with you, my friends. I owe it all to my new (candy apple red) baby, a present from my mom, the mixer that I’ve always wanted, the Kitchenaid. I should turn forty every year, swear to dog.

Without further ado, the recipe.

Matzo Balls – enough for 6-8 servings of soup

1.5c matzo meal (I like Manischewitz, fwiw)
6 lg eggs, separated
1.5tsp kosher salt
6Tbsp canola oil***
6Tbsp chicken stock
2tsp baking powder (this may or may not make them unacceptable for Passover – ask your rabbi where she stands on it, ‘cos I read all kinds of conflicting views on it. Baking powder is also not mandatory for the recipe, exclusion of it will only make the matzo balls a little firmer.)

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Let me show you it:

Here’s how I would like my thinking to be –

Here’s how it’s really working today –

Someone had a little much wine at the table last night. L’shana tova, you all! I’m going to go make another pot of coffee now.

(Note – I have no idea where those two pix came from – they’ve been sitting on my hard drive for probably six months?)


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