So on Tuesday Syfy aired the last five episodes of Caprica back to back, and I recorded them for leisurely ad-free watching on Wednesday. I liked the series well enough when it was out, despite it being slow moving.* I liked the world that was built, especially the stuff about Tauron culture, and my inner cybergeek jumped  up and down about New Cap City, so I kept watching.

But the primary reason I was so drawn to Caprica was, or course, Battlestar Galactica. I’ll willingly gobble up every little bit of information I can get about the cylons’ origins. And so my little marathon yesterday on the couch. But if I may be completely honest, I’m not sure that the experience was entirely satisfying – I was left with a ton of questions.


The biggest question I was left with was about the timeline. At the very end, we see Zoe emerging from the goo bathtub,** all skinjobbed up. Then we see Sister Clarice preaching to a congregation of cylon centurions, and Zoe in a front pew. So how could no one at that point in history (not too many decades before the Cylon Wars would start, if the little kid Bill Adama at the end is the same Bill Adama that captains the Galactica – and I think we can believe that to be the point of the Adama family being at the center of Caprica, yes?) know about cylons getting their religion on in church – much less about skinjobs? Did the Greystones hide Zoe from the world after her reemergence?

And then, with that in mind, how does the whole Final Five business line up? No Zoe in the five. Was her consciousness scrapped along the way? Or was it uploaded into another body type?

Which leads to: was Zoe independent of the cylon skinjobs who were built by the centurions (and the Ellen Tigh cylon)? Also, is there any relation between Daniel Greystone and the Daniel cylon that Ellen mentions was corrupted and so never replicated? Or were these Cylons of entirely different origin than the Cylons that were presented in BSG? No – they couldn’t have been, or that would completely screw things up; people built the Cylons, and then the Cylons rose up, right? Ok, so same Cylons. Was Zoe just not recognized as part of the Final Five because she was built by people instead of by enlightened centurions? And back to those enlightened centurions – the ones, presumably, in Sister Clarice’s congregation – are those all people whose avatars were uploaded? Or were they sentiences born of the Greystone labs?

Also, what happens to V-World? Is it still there through all of this? And can Zoe move back and forth through it, still as a self-proclaimed god? How about Tamara?*** What happened to Tamara?

Overall, I really liked the series – even got past the slowness, really. I was hoping that in season 2 the writing would get more concise, but was willing to stick with it, even if it didn’t speed up.**** I really wish that Caprica had been renewed for another season – the tying up of ends was pretty good, but clearly rushed, all stuffed into the last ten minutes (was it even ten minutes?) and I’m a little confused. *****

So, all in all, a good watch, worth my time while sewing, but a bit hole-y. Anyone got anything illuminating?

ETA – ooooo! What is this?!


*Which probably had something to do with it being canceled – slow-moving is really sort of an understatement.
**ZOMG CHILLINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I rewound and watched that few seconds over and over, and the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up every time.
***As an aside, how come the white girl gets a body (as well as more air time) and the brown girl doesn’t? C’mon, guise – really?
****I can record them and watch a bunch at a time to satisfy the need for plot development – I can.
*****Hell, I’m still not sure I’m entirely solid on how which Final Five cylons got to which planets when (the vision in the Temple, the demon in the book of Pythia who leads the people, this has all happened before and will all happen again – wait, what?), and their origin on the planet that was supposed to be Earth (you know, Earth), but was all burnt up and uninhabitable.