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Usually I am not that much of a scamp. Rarely am I any good at being funny on purpose. I am, tho’ pretty playful,* and sometimes the moment just takes me.

Exhibit A:

On the way to Atremedes in Blackwing last night, we wiped on the trash around the ledge** – specifically the monster with the pair of corehounds that stun and silence. The second wipe took a little longer…

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It is Science Fair season, also known in our house as the Season of Maternal Distress. It is also February vacation*. I could just scream. I supposes I should be ok with the way things lined up, really. Our Man Cub has a whole week to just work on his experiment, right? But it’s not that simple.

See, for one thing, Man Cub has known about this project for two months, and simply chosen not to do anything about it. He knew that the project was optional in middle school, and so figured that he just wouldn’t do it. But, you see, he also knows that he really should do it. Why? Because his science teacher has invested in him above and beyond – she’s made sure that he’s been involved in special science field trips,** and even invited him to a conference*** next month. She has seen him in her classroom as a curious, intuitive, and actively interested, smart kid, and she’s giving him opportunities. Which is to say, he really needs to get an entry together for the Science Fair.

With that in mind, February vacation is for science. Yes, Skipper Jane, FOR SCIENCE!

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I don’t like to make a big meal when it’s just me and Our Man Cub – not that he doesn’t eat for two or anything since, yanno, he is nearly a teenager now* – but it just feels funny to put together a whole meatloaf or a pot of chili for just us. On the upside, Man Cub likes more spicy in his food than his dad does**, so it kinda of makes up for making small dinner when Will isn’t around for the evening’s meal.

So tonight Will’s up at the museum with a bunch of folks hunting ghosts,*** which means it’s just me and the Man Cub and season 2 of Farscape on dvd. And all either of us want is mac n’ cheese. With hot peppers. Here’s how we do it:

Mac n’ Cheese, Spicyserves 4-6¹

1# box macaroni
3Tbsp butter
3Tbsp flour
1 1/4c shredded sharp cheddar
1c to 1 1/2c whole milk
4Tbsp pico de gallo or salsa
jarred crushed red peppers to taste

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I grew up in the living room.

In 1978 I was seven years old. The whole world was Elton John, Meatloaf, Al Stewart, Blondie, and Harry Chapin.

So! I went to make cookies that require a fluffy meringue today. But when I got to Red Mixer with the eggs, Red Mixer told me that zie wasn’t going to be doing anything without Red Spatula, and that was that. I went and got Red Spatula, and we made cookies. All was right in the world. When I told Will about this, we giggled together about the strong state of solidarity in the kitchen (which is also home to Red Coffeemaker and Red Toaster). Then he pointed out the window at the snow covered driveway and said, “And outside? Siberia!” We had a good laugh over that.

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So, you ever have one of those days when your expectations just don’t live up to the reality of the situation? Well, our guild had one of those last night. It was OSM.

So, we managed to finally kill Maloriak last night. After many a wipe on this guy, phase two finally clicked, and we got him down – WOOT! It was even a fairly clean kill. And to boot, we killed him pretty early, with an entire hour left before the end of raid time. What to do, what to do?

We headed to Bastion of Twilight* to pick at the trash** in hopes of an epic drop (I think there was mention of a dagger?) and to see wtf about Halfus, whose fight I only understand to be something like release the dragons, kill the dragons, kill the boss.

And then… well, things got surprising.

Huh. Well, wouldja look at that.

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Super busy, but fairly productive – back soon ♥

(Headsup – I’ve only seen P1 of this fight so far, which is to say, the P2 part is cobbled together from some vids of other people killing this boss.)

Ok, so. Maloriak has two phases. P1 is all about him throwing different colored vials in the cauldron behind him, and some stuff happens when he does. You’ll either get red or blue first, then the other, and green is always third. This goes on to 25% Read the rest of this entry »

This makes me grin like zomg –

Have a lovely weekend ♥

Oh, little stone cootie, how I loff you!

Tiny Shale Spider pet was an overnight success that took weeks. First of all, the bug drops off a rare stone spider named Jadefang – who has, like, a six-hour spawn or something. And every hunter I know would like to tame her. Which is to say, there’s almost always a hunter waiting at her spawn point. Which can only be reached by means of a quest item from a daily that seems to be available once, maybe twice, a month at best (at least on my server).

But the good news is, the pet is a 100% drop. So here’s how you do it:

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