Yes, I’m still playing WoW – it’s just that there hasn’t really been much to report lately, since we’re so close to the xpac. BUT! There was a patch!

I think we were all looking forward to the pet merge, and a little leery of the new talent trees. Personally, I had been looking forward to the Darkmoon rabbit raid going live (can’t wait to get in on one of those) most.

And then there are the changes that never quite make it into the patch notes. Check this out: druids are now able to ride their mounts in moonkin form! Remember back when riding in the sidecar of someone’s motorbike made you look like you were being dragged behind it? Yeh, me too. Remember being excited about Ulduar because moonkin surfing on motorbikes* (wheee!)? Well, sister, check this out –
Sweet, sweet ride!

And, um, also, there’s this**:
YaY! I didn’t think to find out about flying mounts, but I’ll bet they’re the same. Whee! Best patch surprise evar.

*And ToC because moonkin surfing on horses!
**No ponies were harmed in the making of this post.