Dude, I totally went to high school during the mid-eighties. That would be the age of TCB Yogurt and ICBY yogurt. Which is to say, that would be the era that I learned to despise the frozen treat – which is really sad, because just a few years before, in middle school, I stumbled across a little store in Princeton, NJ called Häagen-Dazs, and holy carp, that business left a delightful impression on my eighth grade, dress-code-skirt-wearing, pre-teen, sticker-collecting, being. This is a long way of saying that I’ve never liked frozen yogurt  – sour-ish business with a texture like grainy soft serve ice cream (which I don’t like either*), and vaguely stale toppings that may or may not have been around since the store’s grand opening.**

So when the ladies of my writing group proposed a few weeks ago that we meet up at this new frozen yogurt place for our regular Monday thang, oh, how I cringed.*** I screwed up my resolve, and went out the door with intent to be social, sit in air conditioning, and be Good Company. And when Zoe said something about salted caramel flavor being very yummy, I figured to be game, and ordered a little one (with bananas and peanuts, because hello, bananas, and also because crushed peanuts are freaking yummy, and can make pretty much any frozen treat just that little bit better, right?) and sat down at the party table with the ladies.

And like that, I am a convert.

So this Wooberry business, let me tell you, friend, this ain’t no TCB bullshit with stale-ass toppings and some squirt-bottle chocolate sauce that doesn’t even get solid when it gets cold. Unh-uh. This Wooberry yogurt joint? I took my mother there. Let’s be clear, this may, in fact, be the only frozen yogurt place that I ever like, and that’s fine. Because I like it lots of a whole lot.

Ok, so first of all, let’s talk yogurt. Flavors change daily, and could range from salted caramel to original (plain), to vanilla, to chocolate, to strawberry, to Zoe’s favorite, peanut butter, among others. Also, there’s always a free topping of the day,**** which could be anything; their facebook over the last week or so lists Lucky Charms, organic granola, tart dried cherries, Golden Grahams, walnuts, pistachios, graham crackers, and coconut. For serious, you get a TON of choices for toppings – there’s a whole giant-sized, extra-large chalkboard with all the stuff you can pick from. Last time I was there, I got a small coffee yogurt with peanuts and fresh lychees (which doesn’t sounds like it works, but omigod, it does, oh, yes it does). Dude, lychees.

Other stuff that’s really great about Wooberry: The staff is super nice – super nice. The prices are totally reasonable (four of us, one of whom is a hungry teenager, recently went out for yogurts together, and spent less than $20). Also, every little bit of the packaging  is recyclable or compostable, and their trash cans are set up to take care of that for you. Oh! And, there’s an itty bitty parking lot behind the store (I will take itty bitty over none any day of the week. This is Highland Street we’re talking about).

So, um, go check out Wooberry when you get a chance – it definitely earned its place in the 100 Delightful Things. 141 Highland Street (corner of Highland & West – across the street from the Sole Proprietor), Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday noon-9pm.

Coffee, fresh lychees, crushed peanuts – holy carp, it’s SO GOOD!

*I know, I know. Even my husband calls me un-american over that.
**I do realize that there are people in the world who love them some TCB and ICBY, but my experiences were pretty icky across the board. And I certainly gave it the college try – when one is a high school student in central Florida, one tries many forms of frozen treats, some of them more than four or five times, hoping for better results each time, because one’s friends like the place.
***I probably actually shuddered, to be honest.
****In addition to rainbow sprinkles, which are always free.