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Ok, so sometimes I wake up and coffee and toast just won’t do it for me, and all I want is something savory and spicy. Oftentimes it’s soup – dog knows I love a big bowl of soupy noodles* like nobody’s business. Sometimes it’s scrambled eggs with sriracha that I crave. Hell, sometimes I just grab the jar of kimchi out of the fridge door and eat it with my fingers on the kitchen floor while Our Man Cub gets ready for school and I wait for the shower to free up. But sometimes I prefer something a little more gut-sticking. If there’s leftover rice, hello, it’s time to break out the frying pan and the kimchi. This recipe is simple, uses leftovers, and makes the belly a happy, warm thing.

Kimchi Riceserves 2

2c leftover (cooked) rice
Kimchi** – any kind, and as much as you like, depending on how much heat you like in breakfast
2 eggs, beaten with 1Tbsp cold water
1Tbsp oil
1/4c frozen peas or edamame
2 green onions, chopped

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I don’t know who made that gif; I grabbed it from this site after following a link from another site, but I would like to thank them for making my morning. Also, Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, which at once makes me feel proud and makes me feel like there might have been a mistake.

Halls Defense cough drops, watermelon flavor. Dear dog, these are lovely on the tail end of a runny nose/sore throat combo that just won’t give an inch.

The autumn weather gone wild:
Holy, cow, what’s the scoop? Not that I have any complaints – this morning the sky on the way to work was bright freaking pink. Osm!

For reals, I’ll take a helping of that, right alongside the good smells of whoever in our neighborhood has been running a fire in the fireplace, and the leaves coming all undone. Yes. Oh, very very yes.

So my sister-in-law can knit some stuff. Like, for reals, she can knit up a storm, and not just scarves* – stuffed animals, children’s clothing, wrist warmies, socks, even. So when she got a job at Worcester’s newest yarn store, Knitscape, that was no big surprise, right?

Well! I went to the very first open house (they just opened, like this week), and the store was some kind of lovely surprise, let me tell you! As someone who’s been doing all her primary yarn shopping for the last decade at the craft shops,** this was a super yummy treat.

It’s a small store, but it’s packed with shelves of all kinds of yarn that I’m already thinking up delicious projects for – everything from everyday synthetics, to cotton suitable for socks, to alpaca, to the fluff that you felt up into little animals fun shapes. I totally have my eye on some jewel-tone gradated rainbow business that I could not stop touching (so soft!) that’s just inside of my save-up bracket (I will SO be spoiling myself with a scarf around my birthday, I do believe). In addition to the yummy yummy yarn, there were also the bits and bobs that one might want for a textile project: hand-made buttons and closures, fine needles, and fancy stitch holders.***
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The Universe stood still for a moment for me so I could lay down on the tarmac and catch her picture. I am honored.

I don’t do a lot of subscribing to much of anything, really – I hate clutter, and find it  especially crazy-making in my email.* I read most things right on their own pages – for example, I read Animals Talking In All CapsLaundry Line Divine, and Shakesville, among others pretty much daily. I read my webcomix like a hungry lady (zomg, Sinfest, how I missed you! Oh, Chloe & Bink, I just want to have you level my priest snuggle you!), and check the pages for updates on their appointed days. As an attempt at tidy, I just don’t have a whole lot arrive my email to tell me something’s new.

But then there is TUT. I receive Notes From The Universe in my email every morning, and I love them so much that I started a whole folder for them, so as to always be able to refer back to them. I look forward to them every morning, and tend to reflect back on them in random moments.

Here’s what showed up today:

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When I cannot hold my shit together, which has been known to happen a time or two, I turn into an escapist like whoa. I read books that take place on other planets. I cook things I don’t generally cook. I buy new first person shooter videogames or binge on MI-5 episodes. I watch Serenity for the umpteenth time and then follow that business up with the whole Firefly series over the course of a week. I listen to the score from The Elder Scrolls IV Morrowind while I do anything that actually has to get done. I go through my file folder of torn-out articles about Iceland and get daffy over the fantasy that I will one day actually have a passport* and go there.

I totally collect pictures of places. And when I get stressed out, I flip through them. Hello, Pinterest. This is where I go at least twice a day during the working day – feel free to browse and sigh too. For example:

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Real post soon. In the meanwhile, Sinfest makes me super happy, in general, once a day.

I used to read Sinfest all the time, and then somewhere along the way I forgot about it. Glad to have remembered and be back to reading  daily again.


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