ZOMG – one of these guys showed up in the feeder off our porch!

I had never seen one before, so when I saw a flash of red, I was intrigued. A better view of him was a little startling – he didn’t look, well,  real. I was sure for a second (until he moved), that he was a stuffed something – the red on him was just so brilliant, he looked like he’d been painted.

I described it to Jaquelyn after I saw it, and she named it for me right away. It’s a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Will says they’re super rare in these parts, that the bluejay population really did a number on them. We do have a fair amount of jays visit our feeder (and they’re into peanuts almost as much as the squirrels are*), but I haven’t seen them lately – I wonder if we’ll see more of these guys now instead?

One of the coolest things about this bird is its song. It doesn’t sound like anything else that hangs out by us. Here –

Totes pretty, huh? I’m kinda in loff.

*We have a couple really ambitious jays around here. If you throw a peanut out from our second-floor porch (as we are wont to do – there are some squirrels that sit on the garage roof, patiently waiting for peanuts), they’ll dive for it, often grabbing the nut out of the air.