More new stuff from yesterday. The tub color was supposed to be raspberry, and we thought it was going to be much darker when it was in the tub. But it turned out sort of a deep pink when everything was said and done.

I tried more of the two color, and it’s still yielding results that look faded, despite laying it on so saturated that it took four hours (4!) to dry before it could be waxed over. The next step is going to be to try adding urea pellets to the brush applied dye, and see if that gives better results. Also, I can try laying down soda water again before painting. The batching was supposed to eliminate that step – it certainly boosts the tub dying vividness – but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick just yet.

On the other hand, some of the single color ones came out far more spectacular than I thought they would. Halfway through the process of waxing, I was sure I had wasted the t-shirts, but I dyed them anyway figuring, hey, it’s a learning experience.

oh, happy surprise! I’m pretty thrilled with these ones. Folks in my household keep asking when I can make one of them in big people sizes. I may delve into them if I can find the bigger shirts at a good cost.

Also there’s this one –

which isn’t supposed to have an eye. Only I dripped on the way from the pot to the shirt.

More as they happen.