I'm so happy I could SING!

AMG, GUISE! GUESS WHUT?? ZOMG – hordies can be furbolgs nao!

Listen: when I made the decision to faction transfer, I put off bringing my main for ages. What was the issue? Well, I’ll tell you, friends, it was the furbolg stick. Dartol’s Rod of Transformation is still my absolute favoritest toy in the the whole game. If you do the quest Raene’s Cleansing in Astranaar*, a very long chain, and don’t turn in the quest at the very end, you get the nifty stick that turns you into a furbolg. I did this quest on every alli toon I ever raised, and it about broke my heart to lose it on my main. In the end, the desire to raid overshadowed the desire to keep the stick, and I did move my druid over.

I have pined for that furbolg stick ever since. It’s true! Seriously: Best. Toy. In the whole game. Just sayin’.

So! When in the middle of BWD last night our RL says, “Look at Howie!” I nearly peed my pants – ZOMG he was a furbolg! I squealed, swear to dog. And right after raid, I teleported to Moonglade, like all good druids are taught to do at a young age.

If you’re exalted with Timbermaw, you can purchase the Stave of Fur and Claw from Meliosh in the tunnel** that runs between Moonglade, Felwood, and Winterspring. Meliosh is the white furred furbolg who trains tailoring. I believe he’s the same one who used to sell you the osm trinket when you were lvl 60 and got exalted with the ‘bolgs.

The only downside to the Stave as opposed to Dartol’s Rod is that the Stave has a one hour cooldown for a three minute transformation. But really? In my opinion, that just makes it all the more special occasion being a thongbear for three minutes.


*Do not attempt this as Horde. They will beat you up and steal your milk money. Same goes for if you have that FP bug that sometimes sets you down in the wrong place.
Also, I know you were wondering, so I did the research for you: they will not let you repair in Astranaar if you’re a troll. You can run in and shout, “We’re all blue here – can’t we be nice to each other?!” all you want, but they still won’t be happy about your presence.
**They love me in that tunnel.