Usually I am not that much of a scamp. Rarely am I any good at being funny on purpose. I am, tho’ pretty playful,* and sometimes the moment just takes me.

Exhibit A:

On the way to Atremedes in Blackwing last night, we wiped on the trash around the ledge** – specifically the monster with the pair of corehounds that stun and silence. The second wipe took a little longer…

See, I was hoping to outrun the dogs. I was alive, and the invis’d mage was alive, and I was wondering, if I got far enough away, if they would leash back and reset, and I could save myself a run back from the gy. It’s been known to happen – all kinds of stuff resets.*** Only, the lobby is big, and it’s round, and it looks the sameish all the way around. I couldn’t find the lollavator, which, as it turns out, was not coming down any time soon, what with active trash on the loose and all. And as I was running, I spotted the mage.

And sometimes he’s sassy, but in general, he takes a joke pretty well. So, you know, the dogs are chasing me, and I figured, if you have puppies, it’s Good Karma to share the love. PUPPIES!

I chased him all the hell around. We finally wound up in the room where Maloriak lives (well, he lives there when we didn’t kill him – he was ded last night), around the cauldron, and to the wall, mage loudly protesting all the way,**** where he iceblocked. Then, as I squealed to him, “I brought you PUPPIES!” I died. And then they ate his face.

I will no longer be receiving Focus Magic from this mage.


*In a conversation last year, someone explained to me, “gently,” that because I am playful, people tend to think that I’m kind of stupid. I, “gently,” told him something really rude in response.
**For those of you playing along at home, I managed to survive fights with Lollavator Boss all night  \o/
***I know you were wondering, so I did the research for you: the twin dragon bosses in bastion of Twilight? You can’t get out to reset it – they lock the doors. Which, really? Is terrifying.
****Mumble sounded like this:
Mage: No! No – get away!
Me: I can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoooooooooooooooooou!
Mage: Go away!
Me: I’m fiiiiinding you! I have puppies for you!
Mage: Stop following me!
Me: I’m gonna get you!
Mage: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Noooooooooooooooo!
Me: (gleefully) I BROUGHT YOU PUPPIES!
Mage: No- Ah, damnit.
-much giggling-