Oh, Fox Kit pet, what a journey to find you!

It took roughly ten hours, spread over two weeks, for this little one to drop. I was officially sick of popping Baradin Foxes a few days ago. More to say, I was sick of being killed while popping foxes days ago. When the pet finally dropped, I squeed over vent and proclaimed that I wasn’t coming back to Tol Barad for at least a week. I’m pretty sure I used joyful profanity, even.

Baradin Foxes are only found in the zone of Tol Barad, where the PvP lives. It’s like Wintergrasp, only with less herbs, no flying, and not quite as fun of a battle. Well… that said, maybe it’s more like AV… Anyway, it’s a battleground and there’s gankage and corpse camping aplenty. Sometime I’ll have to start dailies there, because the quartermaster has some good stuff for sale if you have rep, but not this week.

This is what my bags looked like after a typical session of hunting –
That’s a lot of fangs, my friend. A lot of fangs and a lot of claws. Generally, I’d fill my bags two or three times before I decided that fishing was more fun.

Ok, so Warcraft Pets says there are only 16 foxes on Tol Barad at any given time. Which means that either I found them all, or that when I killed one, another spawned someplace else.  I ran a loop that spawned really well. I also noticed that if someone else was hunting foxes at the same time as me, that they spawned pretty quickly, sometimes twice in the same spot. Here’s the loop I ran:
Pink dots are approximate spawn spots. If I started at the Horde base, I could run the whole thing in about eight minutes. At the Alliance base area, I would mount up and run, generally running through the sentries, who would leash back before I got to the beach. Not a difficult loop at all, and the foxes, as opposed to the other npcs in this area, don’t hit hard at all. The biggest issues was the monotony pvp – I got dead quite a bit. What I found, tho’, after a few days of farming was that, counterintuitively, it’s actually easier to farm this pet when a battle is going on than when it’s over – everyone’s concentrated on the battle, not on the silly crit chicken out pew-pewing the wildlife.

After all that, I can definitely say that this lovely little pet was worth the hunt. Not only does he wag his bitty tail incessantly, but occasionally he jumps up on his back paws and dances around, just like the hunter pet version. He’s a delight to behold. I wish you good and fruitful farming. May your hunt be swift!

ps – The fox pet is BoP, so the AH is out. If you want this pet, you’ll have to farm it up.