The Four Conversational Maxims

A. Maxims of quality
1. Do not say what your believe to be false.
2. Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence.

B. Maxims of quantity
1. Make your contribution as informative as required.
2. Do not make your contribution more informative than is required.

C. Maxim of relation
1. Be relevant.

D. Maxims of manner
1. Avoid obscurity of expression.
2. Avoid ambiguity.
3. Be brief.
4. Be orderly.

Grice was so smart.

I was going to write up this whole post about how I’m working on excising the word, “crazy,” from my vocabulary, and how I’ve been working really hard to install in myself more than an intellectual respect for sex workers*. But I kept coming back to Grice. So I’m going to leave it there for today.

Coffee was great this morning with Daniel and Skipper Jane, btw.

*Because it’s antifeminist to leave any woman in the cold, banging on the outer door of Parity Station.