I wish i knew who drew this!




This is an momentous occasion, you know. Well, maybe you don’t know. I’ll tell you.

So I ended up on a PvP server to join a guild, in much the same way that one looks with contempt at the electric range while signing the lease agreement on a pretty apartment.

It was the one detraction to the bigger picture, but I knew that I could live with it, work around it, if you will. And so I learned to enter ICC from a great height in order to more or less fall in through the portal, thereby avoiding all the nonsense which would leave me running back from a graveyard. I learned to fish with my camera zoomed out to max distance in order to see if anyone was sneaking up on me*. I became really quick with the flight form button. I’ve been doing ok so far, knock on wood.

Despite the fact that I’ve enjoyed a few Wintergrasp battles**, I’m pretty much a big fluffy carebear. When meeting a member of the opposing faction by the Lichbloom node, I will fly away rather than land. I’ve asked in guild chat before if it still counts as an honorable kill if I killed the person by accident – point of interest, rogues: when sneaking up on a moonkin, it is wise to anticipate that she may be about to pop Starfall in order to kill the pack of mobs around her; stars hurt!

I have a guildie who has been unsuccessfully farming a whelpling pet for like, ever, and I figured I’d pitch in between dungeon runs*** since I tend to have pretty good luck with drops on them (I’ve farmed up four to date). The downside of farming this guy is that the drop rate is low and the spawn rate for the monsters that drop it is slow. The up side is that the place the monsters live is in the middle of nowhere, and tends to be quiet.

I’d been farming along for about an hour, when the pally arrived. I was very nearly afk at the time, looking at the achievements pane to see if there were any new ones since the patch dropped (there don’t seem to be, for the record), when I saw the flicker of someone running around me. Uh oh.

My first reaction to this PvP nonsense is always to just give up. Sometimes I will hug my opponent before he kills me. I always lose at PvP. Always. By now I should have earned a title like Little PvPness or something. But you know what? I want that pet for my guildie! And last night I didn’t want to turn tail and come back some other time – I got all territorial. When that scumskimming skunkfucker hit me with his hammer,  I was MAD, and it was ON.


I Have A Posse of Angry Trees


The first fight took over four minutes. I know it took that long, because I released trees at him twice, and had time to pop Starfall four times. BUT HE DIED! You could have knocked me over with a feather. This does not happen to me, ok? And then he came back for seconds while I was looting the whelps that had gotten ded in Starfall. AND ZOMG, GUISE, I KILLED HIM AGAIN! Why did he come back for thirds? I have no idea, but the third time I was super pissed and getting tired of this business, and I whomped him while actually employing some strategy (I’m so proud of me – I actually planned a lunar eclipse proc and it happened n’ stuff like I wanted it to!) and popping a flask as soon as I saw His Shadiness riding back at me on his fanceh Brewfest kodo****.  How exciting was it? IT WAS REALLY EXCITING!

Now, I don’t know if the pally was just really bad at PvP (this is not an unreasonable possibility – I have no track record of being any good at all at  PvP), or if I was better geared, or if the last patch just left me a little more dangerous than I’m accustomed to, but it felt really really good to win for a change, you know? Ok, really? It was kind of exhilarating and osm, actually.  The novelty may not wear off for a while, I’m just sayin’.

This is not to say that I will stop doing the flying leap through raid portals anytime soon, or that I’m about to invest in PvP gear or anything. But I may actually spend a little more time in Wintergrasp trying my hand at pew pewing something other than the vehicles, you know, on purpose. It might be fun, right?


*What kind of jerk attacks someone in PvE gear, armed with a fishing pole, for fuck’s sake? As Jayne Cobb would say, “Where’s that get fun?”
**I admit it, I love pew pewing at the tanks. I love how they fall apart and the peoples spill out.
***Read: relearning how to moonkin. It’s not as bad as I initially feared, but I still have some stuff to learn, for sure.
****Pretty lizard mount! I loff that mount. Also, it’s armoured in plate, and so it fairly clanks a warning when it’s coming at you – handy! On that note, I can’t not imagine that the Amani war bear, whose armour seems ill-fitting, really, must sound like pots and pans as it runs. Poor bear =( But seriously, if you’re going to sneak attack someone, wouldn’t it make sense to arrive on a smaller, harder to see, mount?