Hooray! Sometimes all it takes is a little commitment – for example, sometimes in order to get one’s period, one must go to the store and lay down $15 for a home pregnancy test. Or light a cigarette to make the bus show up.

Well, I finally admitted to myself that my drop rate juju wasn’t working as intended on that whelpling for my guildie*,  I set my hearth to Stonard.

About fifteen minutes later, voila!


My bag - it squirms with fun and animals!


This, friends, is why I keep a stash of wrapping paper in my bank. It brings me deep delight to catch and give away pets** – happy now!


Tiny (Darling) Emerald Whelpling


In other news, I finally got Mumble working after a loopy and frustrating series of installs, disinstalls, restarts, and crashes. I’m not 100% sure what was going on, and I hope that it continues to work, because I’m kinda delighted with it. How cool is it that you can see who’s talking when the talk, instead of having to tab out to match a voice to a name? Also, my mic works! And it normalizes sound (mostly), so I can hear everyone. WooT!

All in all, a pretty good day for gaming, especially considering I barely played today =)

*And after dying in Utgarde Pinnacle and then releasing to find myself alive, rather than dead at the gy, and with no way back to Swamp of Sorrows (because I teleported back into the instance from the gy, that’s where I got dropped off after it was over) except by finding a mage or taking a port and then an agonizingly long bird ride. Yuck.
**It gave my guildie deep delight to announce over Mumble that he was opening my package, but that’s another story entirely.