So after 22 months at the temp job, I was unceremoniously released with no reason furnished. Maybe they just didn’t want to pay the agency’s fees anymore, who knows. So I packed up. That’s what you do with temp jobs, you pack up and don’t ask questions, and then you call the agency.  Within a few hours I had another part-time temp job (not related to my agency), and was answering the email to HR. Also, I came home that afternoon to a note that I had been accepted as an instructor for a night-life class next month. And I had a high school fiction workshop to lead for the next day. I am grateful – I got out of a job I kinda hated, and I had some things lined up, as well as a few days off to manage my emotions and re-do our family budget. The Universe, clearly, is taking good care of me.

So I re-did the family budget, and we’re going to be ok, but it’s going to be super tight until I get some things rolling. The new job has fewer hours than the last job (many fewer, unfortunately), and pays less, but it’s a steady little something, so I’m thrilled. Also, it gives me time to look for another job. While I’m shifting through Monster and Craigslist, tho’, I thought this might be a good time to put out into the Universe and to you, dear reader, some of the things that I’m good at. For example:

♦ I lay out a brilliant chapbook. I can make your poetry gorgeous and ready to sell at readings. I do these at very reasonable rates,* and at the end can either send you a ready-to-print pdf, or assemble and package them up for you in pretty paper so it feels like Christmas when you receive them. I can also lay out a newsletter, set up post- and greeting cards, posters, flyers, cd packages, and other pretty paper things. You can check out my services here.

♦ I make beautiful things for you to wear. I turn string and fabric into delicious scarves or hats with bunny ears, I make unique tee-shirts using batik, and sometimes even pretty jewelry. Occasionally, there are also really neat tote bags and pretty little hand-bound blank books. I do some custom orders too. My Etsy shop is here .

♦ I make art! I am a pretty great collage artist. Currently, I have a bunch of stuff up for sale on my facebook page here, and everything is priced really reasonably and can be ready to ship in a day. Also, I do super fun workshops and classes. If you know of a great space to get people together to make art and learn new stuff (and enjoy a coffee, even), I would be thrilled to come out with my supplies and lead an event.

♦ I write. I write poetry and fiction (and sometimes even a blog post or two >.>) and even have a few fancy publications under my belt – if you would like me to come feature at your reading series, now is a great time to touch base with me. You can reach me by dropping me a message on facebook or here, in comments.**

♦ I can (re)organize like a pro, a lot of the time with what just you’ve got. Kitchen looking like it’s actually a clearinghouse for junk mail and flotsam? Office in disarray? Closet needs cleaning out but it’s terrifying? Invite me over, and I’ll help you tackle that business. As a busy lady who regularly builds piles over time and then clears them when they’re Just Too Much, I have lots of experience with this kind of thing.

♦ I can cook like whoa. I love that I can say that  now – I used to be just awful in the kitchen. I can teach you how to make a yummy dinner or an amazing loaf of bread. You can come to me, or I can come to your kitchen and show you the ropes. Or if you would like someone to cook dinner in your kitchen for you, I’m a sure bet for something delicious to happen there.

Of course, I can do more than that,*** but that’s my favorite freelance work. I would love to freelance myself into a happier and more fiscally stable place, and would love for you to be part of that. Feel free to spread the word far and wide!
With gratitude and love,


*My rates are super reasonable – a pdf version of your new chapbook, ready to print out and copy,  costs around $75 (If I print and assemble, it costs a little more, natch). I’ll also do original cover art for a small fee.
**Please know that my blog screens comments from new commenters until I manually unscreen them – I usually check my blog a couple times a day, so please don’t freak out if you leave a comment and can’t see it immediately.
***For example, I can throw a hella viewing party for the entire four-season BSG reboot. Over the weeks  it takes to watch the whole thing, we could grill out, and have a costume contest and stuff, but I figure there’s really not much call for that sort of organizing, right?