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For the second time in three days I’ve had the dream where I show up for a yoga class wearing a floppy shirt and no bra. This, I believe is equal to the dream where one shows up to school or the office naked. In the dream I’m horrified that anyone (everyone!) will see my bewbies as I upend into downward dog, and before I can decide if I should just go home, I wake up.

But this stuff has been the crux of my biscuit for the last few months – uncertainty, self doubt, crisis of confidence* and more than a little paralysis, all of it working itslf out while I sleep,**  and taking up space when I’m not conscious and putting a good face on the stressy business of life.

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I guess recipe swap was inevitable – Howie loves to grill, Michael makes a bomb hard apple cider, Chuck makes a delightful gumbo, Barbi is famous for her snickerdoodles, and I make some pretty good finicky bread. Everyone has a special little something that they cook – often g-chat will unravel into descriptions of the delicious stuff any one of us is making for the fam, or someone will need an /afk in the middle of a dungeon so they can pull something from the oven. You can practically smell dinner some nights. It’s delightful.

The other night during raid, everyone started talking about chili. Our RL has apparently made some 3-alarm stuff, and suddenly we’re there in Firelands, discussing just how one should make chili – osm. Also, now I totally want to make chili this weekend.

Nicole to the rescue! Check out my mailbox ->

Clearly, we’re gonna have some osmsauce this weekend.  Woot! The rest of the recipe is below the cut, if you want to try Nicole’s chili (Chilleh!) too =) I’ll be printing this entry out to bring in the kitchen, m’self.  Have a delicious weekend!

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Saw this up on the Daily Blink this morning and giggled myself silly –

Oh, electric mummy guys, what have you built there? So transmogrifier, huh? Folks are saying it will likely make stuff look like other stuff. Being a sucker for all things dress-up, I’m hoping it makes people (I use the term loosely, as we are talking Azeroth) look like other people/things. As a colleague of mine used to say on a regular basis, more shall be revealed. Looking forward to finding out!

Zomg what a week!

In addition to dailies and boss fights in Firelands, real life goes on, and it has been going on in a rather full manner. Man Cub is finally back from vacation in FL (where he had a blast, thank you), I’m still temping four days a week, and my application to vend over at the Holden Farmer’s Market* was accepted.

Which means that I’ve been sewing my little heart out. On Sunday I stitched and stitched while both  The Fifth Element and Serenity played, as well as three This American Life podcasts, and two episodes of Firefly. And I made a whole bunch of rather pretty (I think!) shopping totes =D I put some up on Etsy this morning, too, if you’d like to check them out.

And speaking of Etsy – the lovely Ms. Lavoie over at Maple Street Shoppes has rounded a bunch of us MA locals  together on her webbie. If you go visit my page by her, you’ll find a coupon code you can use at my Etsy shop.

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Swear to dog, Teresa, the durids do catch you if you fall of the ledge.* Which is a good thing, as I fail at the Super Mario part of crossing to the place where the fiery birds live and the lava temps need to be recorded.

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As if you couldn’t tell from the last batch of entries, I’m really enjoying the hell out of WoW since the last patch. Where I had been simply making my raid nights (which never gets old, for the record) and noodling at dailies (read: picking flowers in Twilight Highlands for better stress reduction*), now I look forward to the dailies in Hyjal, and have an interest again in running heroics (I really like the troll ones) for valor points.

While back in game with gusto, I noticed something the other day. I had a bunch of on-the-brink achievements. I was one away from both the Littlest Pet Shop and the It Belongs In A Museum achieves. One (1)! Look –
That right there? That’s a big ol’ loose end to be tied up, my friend. In my heart of hearts, there is little I would like more than to be a professor with a pet dragon. 

I’m also one (1!) book away from having the Higher Learning achieve >.< It’s the Conjuration book, the one that spawns by Timear outside Violet Hold on the first floor of Violet Citadel†. Or rather, doesn’t spawn so much – Archemage Whatsisface’s papers keep turning up (his journals, and copies of The Fluffy Bunny, ostensibly his copy, natch) where Conjuration should.**

As the book is being elusive, I figured I could do some archaeology, and hearth back to Dal every so often to stalk check up on it. Run a troll random, get some dailies done, dig up some stuff – what could be finer for a Sunday afternoon, right?

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It’s true! We downed Shannox last night \o/ After a couple weeks of fumbling and strat tweaking, we did it – we have officially dug our heels into Firelands.

I’m deeply enjoying the content dropped with 4.2 – for one thing, the TH and TB dailies (which were the only ones that I was bothering to do since I maxed reps with everyone) were starting to get a little stale, tbh. For another thing, ZOMG DURIDS STORIES, right? And new reps to grind, and new achieves to work on, and new pets – all that stuff is stuff I love.

Well, somehow, in the midst of all of the new content, I managed to grab a quest to craft a legendary. Wuuut? No, really!

Had I really understood what I had in my quest log, had I known what osmness I could be building, I would have had more stake in the /roll last night when an Eternal Ember dropped out. Maybe I would have been nervous, or giddy with anticipation when I rolled for the order of who would get to build the legendary first. Maybe I would have waited till everyone else had rolled. The truth is, I never do expect to win a roll, so it didn’t occur to me to get worked up. And then this happened –

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Patch 4.2 is here at last! And you know what that means, right? NEW PETS!

The other day I realized that I had a gross (a gross!) of pets (144!)  – which meant that upon the dawn of 4.2, I got a couple brand new pets just for having collected a bunch to begin with. And then I found out that there was a quest pet to be gotten, right there in Org – the Horde Balloon.

The balloon quest was a fun little bit of fluff. In Blown Away, you find poor Jaga has lost the balloons his pop got him at the Darkmoon Faire – they somehow got away from him (as does happen with kids and balloons), and they’ve scattered all over Org. Poor little guy! Really, who could resist helping him out by collecting them for him, right? And when you bring them to him, he’s so sweet, he shares one with you =) The quest has a super cute coda upon turn-in, too.

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So we had a strep throat scare this week. Poor Man Cub was down for the count over the weekend with what felt like a golf ball in his throat, fevery and a little nauseous. By Monday Will and I had sore throats too, and we all shuffled off to the pediatrician Tuesday morning, sure that we would be making appointments with our doctor on the way home. Thank goodness, no strep – it’s just something disgusting that’s rolling around in our area right now.

So instead of calling the doc on the way home, we hit the grocery for ibuprofin and popsicles. As fate would have it,  I had a coupon for the popsicles. This is what our freezer looks like this morning* –
Also, I’m having issues with today being Thursday already – where the heck did the week go??

*Edy’s Fruit Bars are the bomb. ZOMG, the pineapple ones! And now they have peach! I need to find some of those.

I’ve been thinking a lot about devotion the last few weeks – about self-application, and about trust in the universe while doing the hard work. I had a discussion last summer* wherein a poet staying at our house was talking about being a pretty lucky kind of guy – but only if he put in the hard work. I agreed with him that that had been my experience as well.

But persistence and I have a relationship of push-pull that rivals the best of ’em, I tell ya. Some days I’m good – I’m really good – get metric craploads done, have breakthroughs, get amazing stuff accomplished. In the worst of times, I lose steam, lose faith in myself or other people,** and then wind up on the couch for a snack and a little lie down that turns into a nine hour nap.

This is another component of the Big Work I’ve been hammering at. I forget my own strength a lot. Or I remember it just around the edges – like I can see it in my peripheral vision, but can’t focus on it if I look at it directly. Then my head starts yammering about a zillion things, some even relevant, and I forget to look for it – whoops.***

When I find the focus, the devotion, things really go pretty well. Let’s take Sunday’s raid, for example –
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