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Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

Maria’s Homegoods is a thrift shop located on 406 Chandler Street, Worcester Massachusetts, that features an impressive selection of antiques, furniture, collectables, and more. After strolling through nearby neighborhoods on the West Side or grabbing a bite to eat at the Loving Hut conveniently located across the street, Maria’s Homegoods makes for a unique and affordable thrifting experience. I would say that this place is especially a goldmine for local artists here in the city—photographers, film or stage set designers and the like; those who regularly seek props or furniture to enhance their creative visions. It’s also a neat place for anyone looking to liven up their home with decorative tea sets or pretty framed paintings. There’s an idea and a story on every shelf. One corner of the store is loaded with beautifully woven picnic baskets that would be perfect for an old school romantic picnic date in the park. Another area features all kinds of assorted collectables from NASCAR to Star Wars. In all, Maria’s Homegoods has something for everybody, whether you’re into action figures or vintage jewelry, antique vials or funny coffee mugs, or if you’re simply in the mood to browse through the aisles and wonder what the history is behind every piece you find, Marias Homegoods is a quaint little establishment bursting with imagination and fine taste that meets all the criteria of a cool thrift store. 


March 2023