Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

This week the gang headed downtown to check out the Worcester Public Library. We got the chance to take a brief tour of the floors and sections as well as speak with the Library’s very own outreach librarian, Jillian Parsons, who was kind enough to answer all of our questions!

In addition to providing the public with free access to literature and other medias, the library runs a variety of free programs that benefit the community. With classes on computer basics, photography, and Zumba, the library has something for everyone. They even run classes that assist members of the community working towards citizenship.

Doors are always open for anyone looking for a quiet spot to study or catch up summer reading goals. You can check out www.mywpl.org for tons of information and schedules for programs and classes.

We’d like to thank our friends at WPL for a lovely time. Be sure to head on downtown to sign up for a library card or pay off any existing late fees (like we did)!