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Hello and welcome back to the 2018 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival’s 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project! This year, our wonderful interns Fay, Julie, and Lori are #TeamEatYerVeggies – exploring Worcester to bring back the best of  the best for you to enjoy.

Along with being home to a plethora of artists and craftspeople alike, Worcester itself is a blossoming canvas. This week the team went on a mural hunt throughout the city and found some truly special pieces that we are more than excited to share with you all. Our quest began in the lobby of the Worcester Art Museum where we found two murals masked as one* and concluded on Park Ave with a comic book inspired piece appropriately placed on the brick exterior of That’s Entertainment.

Over the course of our journey we attempted to look up the artists of the murals we were visiting to get a feel for their work and discovered that many of them were based outside of Massachusetts. A few times we set off for one location expecting to find a specific mural and were surprised with multiple murals upon our arrival. Although we saw a lot of gems, there are dozens more we just didn’t have time for.

Many of the murals we visited were part of POW! WOW! Worcester, an annual creative movement organized by different Worcester locals attempting to give back to, showcase and inspire the community they love with public art. Head over to for more information on this year’s up and coming goals and events.


*Unfortunately that one didn’t make it into our video, but you can check it out at WAM during museum hours <6


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