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It’s trailer time, sister! Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival 2018 has but three scant weeks of open submissions left and then it’s on to the judging and promoting! Which is to say, we’re playing with dollies and raiding the craft store for pieces and parts, and, in general, getting glue all over the place – SWOON! Let me tell you a bit about the latest build –

I was never really a kid who played with Barbis. I mean, I had some Barbis, right? They were my aunt’s, actually, and they came in a really cool red vinyl case – I think there were two of them. But I never really got into, you know, playing with them. Which, in the big picture, isn’t that much of a thing, I suppose – I was busy climbing trees and reading books when I was at that Barbi age. I think I was into roller skating too. And I remember a summer when I, a kinda uncoordinated kid*, spent hour after hour in the driveway learning to bounce and catch a pink Spalding high-bounce ball because it felt like something I really ought to be able to do.

So, yeh, I never really played with Barbi dolls. Which is to say, I’m missing a few key bits of experience:
1. I have not mastered the art of balancing dolls, nor do I understand the physics behind how to work with a top-heavy object
2. Oh, yeh – perportion x.x

bun stars
So in working up the set build, it never occurred to me that the modified Barbis that are our #RHPFF trailer movie stars (one of which is reallllly top-heavy now that she has a bunny face and ears) are, well, rather tall in comparison to the trees I purchased for background. They look kind of like shrubs on posts. Or like they’re really far away. Which is to say, we needed bigger trees.**

So I decided to build some. (Like ya do.) Read the rest of this entry »


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