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LettersY’all, I don’t have my own personal Twitter feed. I have one for Rabbit Heart (#RHPFF, y’all – @RabbitHeartPFF), but not one for me. I got my marbles together last year & made an author page, but the idea of supporting a Twitter feed for just my stuff made me weird from the inside out. I mean, really, how much can I get accomplished in 140 characters or less (ok, ok, 280 now) aside from poetryfilm stuff, the occasional Omigawd (#omg), and some videos? I can do it in pictures (love that Instagram, I do), but in itty bitty sentences that I can’t go back and edit for typos* once they’re out in the world? #Nope – #longwinded #craptypist

Which is why this Thursday is going to seem surreal to you all out there in the Rabbit Heart twitterverse. I apologize, but I’m going to co-opt the feed for personal bsns for roughly 12 hours, and then we can get back to the important stuff. You know, back to poetryfilm.**

Did you know I write fiction? Because there’s this book I wrote (and finished, even)!  Free Pirate Radio (you can read excerpts at that last link) – and a bunch of short stories that beset me while I was writing it – is set in the Reboot Universe: a US where the land is being rebooted by science priests; the Train, the Radio, and some (magical) whores must save Ohio. I mean, in a nutshell. Also people sometimes explode into flocks of birds. It clocks in at somewhere around 78k words. (Did I mention #longwinded?)

And I’ve been doing kind of a crap job of getting it out into the world.*** I’ve queried agents, but not that many (15? 18? I’ve been picking at it), and well, you know, gone on to start other stories and work on the poetryfilm things. But some stuff is starting to stir with FPR (stuff I can’t talk about just yet, but maybe soon, let’s not toss grit in the gears, k?) and I’m feeling the vibe, so when a friend suggested to me that I take part in the #PitMad Pitch Party  this week, I suddenly found myself drafting tweets in my notebook like:

YOU get a #pterodactyl! #YOUgetapterodactyl! #YOUget a pterodactyl!

among others.****

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