Welcome back to the 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project, 2017 #RHPFF edition \o/ This year the lovely Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival interns, Sarah Meigs & Alli Jutras* grabbed the reins & brought us the good stuff. A few weeks ago we all got together with some family & friends and had a little Polar party at the office =)

Easily seen off of Route 290, Orsen, Polar’s beloved mascot sits atop the magic building where delicious seltzer is made. Polar opened its Worcester factory in 1968 and is something the people of Worcester are very proud to have. Every season, the company comes out with a series of new flavors – and this summer in particular had some extraordinarily delightful ones. Unicorn Kisses, Yeti Mischief, Mermaid Songs, and Dragon Whispers, were all mysteries, so we found it only fitting to have a tasting party! We were all very excited to try the flavors, and in the end at least one person thoroughly enjoyed each flavor. However, the popular opinion was that the best tasting one out of the four was Yeti Mischief. Nevertheless, Polar provided the group of us an excuse to throw a party, thirst quenching beverages, and definitely some great conversation. For that, we thank them <6



*#TeamSalli FTW! Thank you Clark LEEP Program!