Welcome back to the 100 Delightful Things in Worcester Project, 2017 #RHPFF edition \o/ This year the lovely Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival interns, Sarah Meigs & Alli Jutras* are taking the reins & bringing us the good stuff. Like a lovely mid-week extra taste of Caturday!


Worcester Animal Rescue League (WARL) is the largest animal shelter in Massachusetts, and an amazing non-profit organization that cares for animals in need. This week Rabbit Heart adventured to 139 Holden Street, right by Indian Lake, to hang out with some cuddly creatures and learn more about the program. We met with Allie Tellier, WARL’s executive director, in her office which also houses her adorable office cat, Reece. Allie filled us in on what WARL does, how to get involved, and about the importance of the organization.  

WARL was founded in 1912 and was originally established to take care of farm horses who had been overworked. The organization then grew to care for other animals in need including dogs, cats, and ferrets. The program operates on so many levels to ensure that their animals get the excellent care and treatment they deserve. Whether an animal is brought to WARL in need of surgery, needs a broken bone mended, or requires urgent love and care, WARL does everything possible to give these animals the care they need. Most importantly, WARL gives these animals a voice and spreads the word about adoption, foster care, donations, and volunteering so that the programs can flourish and the animals can find forever homes.

Not only does WARL give animals without homes a place to stay and a chance at adoption, they also offer services to animals who already have homes – the organization conducts spay/neuter clinics and vaccine clinics for animals who are in need of them. They treat the animals with love and care, and don’t overcrowd their space. They only take in animals when enough space is available so that the animals aren’t packed in or overwhelmed.

The ladies of Rabbit Heart spent a beautiful Monday hanging out with the WARL staff, petting some adorable kittens, spending time with the dogs, and learning about what makes WARL special. We were all tempted to adopt an animal right on the spot – and of course we’re urging you to make spot for one in your home ~.o

If you’re in the need of a cuddly companion, have the urge to visit some adorable animals, are interested in fostering a pet, or want to learn more about how to help out cats and dogs in the area, contact WARL today! They are a non-profit that receives no additional funding, so are always in need of donations** and volunteers.


ps –
The Bow Wow Luau is coming up on 8/13 from noon to 2 pm. FUN!

*#TeamSalli FTW! Thank you Clark LEEP Program!
**If you’re looking for the perfect (and thrifty) gift for WARL,  non clumping litter like Johnny Cat is always on their wish list.