Good afternoon & Happy Halloween!

You know what that means, right? It means that tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, for one thing – Happy Birthday, Mom!* Also! It means that tomorrow begins NaNoWriMo!**It was a dark and stormy night

So the gist of National Novel Writing Month is that you write a whole novel in 30 days. It doesn’t have to be a poished novel (or even a particularly good novel),*** but a novel. You write every day, you meet your word counts, and you make your story hit the page.

Or, if you’re a poetry writer, you can show solidarity with your fiction-writing friends, by taking on the challenge as a 30/30 – thirty poems in 30 days.****

And guess what! 7 Hills Slam is getting on the bus this year! Every day in November, 7 Hills will post up a prompt on our Facebook page for your NaNo/30 needs. Will you join us? We’d love you to join us! Feel free to post up your stuff to your page and tag it with #NaNoWriMo and #7HillsSlam (#NaNoWorm-O?) so everyone can find each other in this muddle-y, Good Times, inky-ass writing thing ~.o

Here’s to November!


*yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay CAKE!
**Also known as That Month When I Realized I Left Half A Draft of a Long Fiction Piece Untouched For Six Months – oops – and try to get back into the swing of it (finish it? Oooo – the possibilities!)
***For reference –

****Yes, haiku count. Because everyone has a frustrated day (or seven) like that someplace in the month. Also, just like in the fiction-y NaNo, there’s no obligation for the writing to be good – just written – so no need to be shy with the page. There will be gems in there among the rocks; it’s 30 days of mixed bag, y’all.