I’m not dead! I was just resting, y’all.

No, that’s not even true (except for the not dead part) – I haven’t been resting. It’s been busy as all get out here since my last post in… omg, in May. Here’s the scoop: stuff is in motion. Here’s the work on the biggest stuff.

Rabbit Heart is off and running!

The 2014 Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival is rolling along like a boss. We just finished up judging on Wednesday night – winners in four categories have been picked, two categories have been scrapped (the youth category because there were no youth entries,* and the under-one-minute category because there weren’t enough suitable entries), as well as the overall winner, and I am both grateful for the judges and satisfied by their outcome. We have a venue and a date – 8pm Sunday, October 12th at Nick’s Bar, right here in Worcester. We have a gorgeous ticket design (if I don’t say so myself), and we’re ready to rock.

There’s still a lot to be done before the date – ticket sales (and emailing out of town folks who donated and are promised tickets ♥ ♥), curating of the show, setting up the programs, posters and tee-shirts, getting in touch with the finalists, making runner-up prizes, staffing the event, press releases, and of course, securing the popcorn possibilities – but I am deeply stoked to be digging in on it. I am downright thrilled to tell you that tickets should be on sale in the next couple weeks. WooT!

How grateful am I? I am so freaking grateful. This is a project that two years ago I was just dreaming about bringing to fruition. I was armchairing the hell out of it, and only vaguely entertaining the idea that I could get it into action. I was convinced that in order to get this event off the ground, I would have to get someone else to do it. And now here I am on the verge of it actually happening, and it’s because I got my butt in the game.

Something snapped in January. I just felt like I couldn’t wait anymore for a Right Moment or someone else to decide that they wanted to produce this event. And so I stuck my toe in. And check it out – I hooked a fish! Now it’s time to reel that baby in. The next couple of months are going to be filled with more work, and I tell you what, sister – I’m totally looking forward to it =)

Scarfy Business is happening!

Expect a new collection for autumn in the Etsy shop! I’ve been playing with string again, and it’s been hella trippy. There are already some super pretty new items in the shop (have you seen the fancy little flower hexagon handbags?!), and to go with them, there will be some lovely new winter scarves – some lacy stuff, and some gosdeye stuff =)

If you know me, you know that working with string is my best thinking time.** I managed to get myself inspired by some luscious stuff by Sophie Digard*** at about the same time I was working on film fest stuff. And so string! And then it got really exciting – I found myself getting distracted (as I do), and as one thing led me to the next thing, I found myself stretching, trying out patterns and changing them up (also as I do), and the result startled even me. I’ll have the new collection up in the shop in a few weeks – can’t wait to show you!

And then there’s my cat.

And please meet the littlest of the big stuff, our new kiddo, Sigurd. He’s a viking, he tells me, and he and Gunther have been fighting over one of the “ships” in the kitchen.† He likes food (a LOT),††string, blanket forts, jingly toys, the wicker chair in my studio, and harassing his two older brothers. He insists on helping in the kitchen and at the collage table. He is a delightful menace with spots on his tummy, and we’re all enjoying watching him grow.

So that’s how we’re rolling at No. 208. All the other details are gentle and good: I’m pulling amazing amounts of cucumbers out of the garden (and pickling!), and Man Cub will be starting school in a few weeks. Dearest Will is adjusting pleasantly to life at the art museum. We (Will and I) are transitioning off cigarettes to ecigs. It’s all right. It’s all just fine.


More as it happens – xoxox!


*No youth entries – boo!  There would have been one, but alas, it was finished after deadline. Here’s what I’m coming to understand, between the Shoots! prize falling to its knees, and through watching the dynamics of the youth slam here in town: it has to start in the schools. Kids just aren’t going to grab this by the horns on their own. Heck, even the adults took some convincing, right? So if we’re going to put up the Shoots! prize for the next festival, this has to start in the kids’ comfort zone. Which might mean seeing if teachers in our middle and high schools will help push it – if we can get them to encourage the students, give them extra credit for a film, or do a film event or workshop in their classes, then we might have a chance at it. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure we won’t attract students.
**It’s also a super good excuse to rewatch the entire Battlestar Galactica series. Tell no one!
***Sidenote: I’m looking for wool tapestry yarn. If you have a lead on the stuff, pretty pretty please, let me know.

Sigurd: Oh, yeh?! Yeh, well I’ll… Um.. I’LL CHASE YOUR TAIL!
Gunther: Nonononononononono!
(Epic game of Tag, aka Beat The Kid ensues.)
††We’ve never had such a food-motivated cat! I mean, Salvador was pretty food-motivated, but he didn’t hold a candle to this little guy. All people food is of interest to him. His favorite thing in the world is a spoonful of damp Rice Crispies.