Remember that time when you wanted to do a Big Something, but you were scared shitless, and so you didn’t do it? And then for a really long time after, you sat around and said things like, “Man, I wish there were more poetry videos that weren’t just performance selfies. You could do so much more with the medium,” or, “Someone really should run a poetry film festival in this town. I bet some really amazing work could come out of that.” And your friends hung out with you while you said stuff like that, and they nodded their heads, knowing that, in spite of your idea being a really cool Big Something, you’d never actually get off your ass and make it happen, because you were afraid. Remember that?

Oh, yeh – that was me.

So, um, I’m here to tell you that I’m shifting gears. And I’m still scared, because this is new, and something I’ve never done before, and it’s big and exciting. But you know what? It’s a super cool idea. And I have osm friends who, rather than sit by me and nod their heads, totally prefer the idea of being part of this thing and helping to make it happen.* And, frankly, I’m really tired of waiting for someone else to do it** – I want to see this project happen!

So here’s the scoop: Rabbit Heart 2014 Film Festival will soon be open for submissions (you can have a look at the guidelines and rules here). Soon it will be wine and nibbles and viewing season. We’ll have a lovely party in early autumn where videos will be shown, prizes will be awarded, and popcorn will be shared around. It’s a done deal, it’s out in the world now, it’s happening!

Wheee! More as it comes.


*And like the idea of viewing parties involving wine and nibbles, and a big-ass party at the end where we get to dress up and announce winners and give people money.
**I’ve been writing notes on this project for almost two years. Isn’t it right that it should see the light? I’m pretty sure I mentioned in another post that my art isn’t going to go places if I don’t book it a ticket, right? Same thing goes for ideas. Here I am, booking it a ticket. It feels GREAT.