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And they’re beautiful! Check out these babies –

We’ll be selling them at the Sunday reading (you know about the Poets Asylum reading, right? ‘Cos it’s been around for, like, 14 years, and if you haven’t been, you should totally come check it out) starting this weekend. If you’re out of town and would like one (or two, or three, or five, or ten), you can order one from the Doublebunny Press store – we’ll mail it right to your mailbox.

4″ round, vinyl, $3 each (+shipping and handling for mailing, natch), with all profits going to defray hotel and registration costs  associated with getting the 2013 Worcester Slam team to NPS in August. And it almost goes without saying that one of these will totally fancy up whatever you put it on.

The design is a riff on the Worcester Heart of Massachusetts seal that you see all over the place here, collaged up from thesaurus pages and a coffee stain that took forever to dry before I could scan it in. Just so you know, the coffee stain was made with a bowl – the collaged  heart and laurels, which had to be scanned as separate pieces, are almost 12″ tall. Also, this was a total blast to design as the new Poets Asylum logo =)

Oh! And this too: I cannot say enough nice things about the people we had print these. Jakprints treated us right, and sent us some gorgeous product. They had super great customer service reps who helped me make sure the order was right, and turned it around in a little over a week, to boot.