Doing work – two desks to pick from, and I opted for the floor, whut.

A quick check-in while I have time and am near the computer – I’ve missed you over the last few weeks, dear readers!

I’ll start by telling you that I may have found the most perfect, and most perfectly simple, summer dessert: red delicious apple slices with fresh lime juice squeezed over them.* Just slice up the apples (about twelve slices per apple), and squeeze half a lime over it for each whole apple (1 apple : 1/2 lime). The lime juice perfectly perfumes and adds a lovely tartness to the sweet red delicious apples, not to mention, keeps them from turning brown. Chill in the fridge and voila, snack.** So easy, right?

Also, I’ll tell you that it’s been a bit zooey here with the change in the weather and the change in jobs. Freelance and also some art that I’d had to put off digging into full-force for a little while took over most of my free time for a few weeks,*** and any spare time has been spent putting the garden together.

Celery regrowing from kitchen scraps. This is one week’s growth.

And, OH, the garden! We have cucumbers, radishes, peppers, carrots, melon, and beets in the ground, as well as greens (spinach, arugula, chard – omigod, CHARD!) Herbs are in pots next to a big tub of celery that I started from kitchen scraps. We have tomatoes growing in saved cat litter buckets from this winter, so that we can test out the sun on the side of the house where there are no garden beds yet (so far, the tomatoes are making a case for permanent beds on that side). We put them in next to the peas and the blueberry bushes. And asparagus – I scored some asparagus! The fig trees we thought were dead are showing new growth, and there are now hanging pots on the porch full of pretty flowers, and I have more seeds started in the sun room because Jaquelyn’s beau Syd gifted me with gherkin seeds (!!!) and some kind of squash I’d never heard of before. Seriously, this looks like it’s going to be a terribly cool growing season.

So it’s a zoo, a zoo, a good place for growing things, too.

And really, zooey is ok – when it’s a touch zooey, that means that things are happening, and I do like that quite a bit.

More as it happens – xoxoxox

ps – Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE was a great read!


*Also, if you want, you can dip them in caramel sauce. They totally don’t need it, but sometimes the sweet tooth takes over, yanno?
**Jaquelyn & I have been chowing on these over Game of Thrones episodes. They go really well with Game of Thrones episodes. Just sayin’.
***I am so freaking grateful for the freelance. No, really. Freelance saved groceries a couple weeks ago.