Ok, so! Spent the morning stapled to the office chair, scanning collages and playing with my hair. No – really.

Here’s the scoop: I’ve been making collage art forever (4-eva!) now, which means that I’ve accumulated a lot of paper. A lot of pretty paper, even. Some of these have graced book covers, some have become postcards at some point, some have even won an award or two. But they’re currently sitting in a bin in my sun room, taking up space.

Taking. Up. Space.

As I read over blogs and journals   between making pretty things, I always think to myself, how good it must be to have one’s work out into the world. And then I think how nice it would be to have my work out in the world. And, you know what? The truth of the matter is that my stuff isn’t out in the world because I haven’t bought it a ticket. I haven’t even imagined an itinerary yet of where it might travel. Which is to say, I’m putting that business up on line, and out for sale.

It’s all up on my facebook, in the photos section. Everything is going super cheap, as to be accessible (between $15 and $20, including the shipping). If you pick one out that you love, you can send me a message either on fb or here in comments, we’ll set it up,* and I’ll ship to you in the next mail. It’ll be osm – my work will be out in the world, you’ll have something beautiful to hang on your wall, everyone will be happy!

So please feel free to share and get the word around – I would loff you forever if you did. It’s time I become a working artist, and it’s time these works see the light of day from the perspective of somewhere not in a bin.

Excited yet? I am – let’s do this \o/

*I love Paypal. PayPal makes things nearly instant – WooT!