I don’t know who made that gif; I grabbed it from this site after following a link from another site, but I would like to thank them for making my morning. Also, Pottermore sorted me into Gryffindor, which at once makes me feel proud and makes me feel like there might have been a mistake.

Halls Defense cough drops, watermelon flavor. Dear dog, these are lovely on the tail end of a runny nose/sore throat combo that just won’t give an inch.

The autumn weather gone wild:
Holy, cow, what’s the scoop? Not that I have any complaints – this morning the sky on the way to work was bright freaking pink. Osm!

For reals, I’ll take a helping of that, right alongside the good smells of whoever in our neighborhood has been running a fire in the fireplace, and the leaves coming all undone. Yes. Oh, very very yes.