So my sister-in-law can knit some stuff. Like, for reals, she can knit up a storm, and not just scarves* – stuffed animals, children’s clothing, wrist warmies, socks, even. So when she got a job at Worcester’s newest yarn store, Knitscape, that was no big surprise, right?

Well! I went to the very first open house (they just opened, like this week), and the store was some kind of lovely surprise, let me tell you! As someone who’s been doing all her primary yarn shopping for the last decade at the craft shops,** this was a super yummy treat.

It’s a small store, but it’s packed with shelves of all kinds of yarn that I’m already thinking up delicious projects for – everything from everyday synthetics, to cotton suitable for socks, to alpaca, to the fluff that you felt up into little animals fun shapes. I totally have my eye on some jewel-tone gradated rainbow business that I could not stop touching (so soft!) that’s just inside of my save-up bracket (I will SO be spoiling myself with a scarf around my birthday, I do believe). In addition to the yummy yummy yarn, there were also the bits and bobs that one might want for a textile project: hand-made buttons and closures, fine needles, and fancy stitch holders.***

Janet Lopardo Rosetti, proprietor

All that yummy yarn and the associated business made me a little heady, don’tcha know. But wanna hear something really cool? Check it out – they teach classes there. You can learn how to knit or crochet in classes held at the big table by the front window, and they’re totally reasonably priced. Call or look on the website for the schedule – there are all different levels of classes.

I left today with five skeins of very reasonably priced yarn to do a stripey scarf a la the rainbow-stripe ones in my Etsy shop, and plans to make a regular stitch n’ bitch night with my sister-in-law. Knitscape – add it to the Delightful 100.

Knitscape –  – 508/459-0557
1116 Pleasant Street in Tatnuck Square (next to On The Rise bakery)


*Like I do. Ok, I can knit a mean rabbit-eared hat, but that’s about it for me.
**This is no diss to the craft shops – I love me some craft shops, I do. But at Michaels  or an AC Moore or a Joanne’s, you’re really at the mercy of what the buyer decides is in season, and really, it’s generally nothing fanceh.
***Every needlework person I’ve ever met has loved to have just that one special something, right? While in line, a few of us oo’d and ahh’d over some stitch holders so pretty you could wear them as jewelry if you wanted to. You looking for a precious giftie for your knitter? Right on the counter, my friend, right on the counter.

Are these not the cutest freaking cookies you’ve ever seen??