The Universe stood still for a moment for me so I could lay down on the tarmac and catch her picture. I am honored.

I don’t do a lot of subscribing to much of anything, really – I hate clutter, and find it  especially crazy-making in my email.* I read most things right on their own pages – for example, I read Animals Talking In All CapsLaundry Line Divine, and Shakesville, among others pretty much daily. I read my webcomix like a hungry lady (zomg, Sinfest, how I missed you! Oh, Chloe & Bink, I just want to have you level my priest snuggle you!), and check the pages for updates on their appointed days. As an attempt at tidy, I just don’t have a whole lot arrive my email to tell me something’s new.

But then there is TUT. I receive Notes From The Universe in my email every morning, and I love them so much that I started a whole folder for them, so as to always be able to refer back to them. I look forward to them every morning, and tend to reflect back on them in random moments.

Here’s what showed up today:

If you knew for absolute certain, Apple, that every little thing you did today would later be scrutinized, literally moment by moment, by a future you, and future friends, as well as anyone else interested, and you’d all be looking for a number of qualities, especially patience, kindness, and love, during this game of games and test of tests called life, how might you treat the very next person you see after reading this Note?

The Universe

And this week has been so much about how we treat each other. And this week has been about patience, kindness, love, and transparency. And this morning, after not enough sleep for a head that won’t quit, it was kind of the perfect thing to read. These notes have a habit of doing that kind of thing, of showing up at just the right moment, you know. So, um, if you’re into that kind of thing, the signup form is here.

*Mostly because I don’t do a very goo job of keeping on top of my emails. Stuff stacks up, and then I have to plow through it, a feat which requires both fortitude and focus. And sometimes an extra cookie with my coffee. A few months ago my primary email account was hacked – right after I’d gone out of my way to unsubscribe from every mailing list, announcement factory, and sales pitch monger  that I had ever gotten accidentally signed up for by buying a begonia through the mail.  Weird, right?

ETA – here’s another favorite:

Apple, if it was just about surviving, getting by, and keeping things the way they are, then how would you explain imagination?

If it was just about sacrifice, selflessness, and altruism, then how would you explain desire?

And if it was just about thinking, reflection, and spiritual stuff, then how would you explain the physical world?

Get the picture, Apple? Want it all. That’s what it’s there for.

Vroom, vroom –
The Universe