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Dude, I totally went to high school during the mid-eighties. That would be the age of TCB Yogurt and ICBY yogurt. Which is to say, that would be the era that I learned to despise the frozen treat – which is really sad, because just a few years before, in middle school, I stumbled across a little store in Princeton, NJ called Häagen-Dazs, and holy carp, that business left a delightful impression on my eighth grade, dress-code-skirt-wearing, pre-teen, sticker-collecting, being. This is a long way of saying that I’ve never liked frozen yogurt  – sour-ish business with a texture like grainy soft serve ice cream (which I don’t like either*), and vaguely stale toppings that may or may not have been around since the store’s grand opening.**

So when the ladies of my writing group proposed a few weeks ago that we meet up at this new frozen yogurt place for our regular Monday thang, oh, how I cringed.*** I screwed up my resolve, and went out the door with intent to be social, sit in air conditioning, and be Good Company. And when Zoe said something about salted caramel flavor being very yummy, I figured to be game, and ordered a little one (with bananas and peanuts, because hello, bananas, and also because crushed peanuts are freaking yummy, and can make pretty much any frozen treat just that little bit better, right?) and sat down at the party table with the ladies.

And like that, I am a convert.

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Yes, I’m still playing WoW – it’s just that there hasn’t really been much to report lately, since we’re so close to the xpac. BUT! There was a patch!

I think we were all looking forward to the pet merge, and a little leery of the new talent trees. Personally, I had been looking forward to the Darkmoon rabbit raid going live (can’t wait to get in on one of those) most.

And then there are the changes that never quite make it into the patch notes. Check this out: druids are now able to ride their mounts in moonkin form! Remember back when riding in the sidecar of someone’s motorbike made you look like you were being dragged behind it? Yeh, me too. Remember being excited about Ulduar because moonkin surfing on motorbikes* (wheee!)? Well, sister, check this out –
Sweet, sweet ride!

And, um, also, there’s this**:
YaY! I didn’t think to find out about flying mounts, but I’ll bet they’re the same. Whee! Best patch surprise evar.

*And ToC because moonkin surfing on horses!
**No ponies were harmed in the making of this post.

The following recipe is the result of an assortment of odds n’ ends in the refrigerator – too many missing components of our regular meals, but too much food all around to really warrant grocery shopping. And also a bumper crop of cucumbers.

Did I mention that the little garden patch at No. 208 has produced pounds and pounds of cucumbers? For serious – I think I put in something like fifteen plants, and since the beginning of July, we’ve always had a cucumber or three on the counter. I think I mentioned before that I pickled some the first week in August, but when I opened the jars a few weeks later, they were terrible.* So, um, we’ve just been eating them. (-urp-)

Ok, so we had chicken defrosted, we had cucumbers. Let’s call it dinner. Here’s what happened:

Feta Chickenserves 3-4

2 large or 3 medium chicken breasts
1 smallish bunch of fresh dill, torn up
1 lemon, halved
kosher salt
garlic powder
black pepper
olive oil
feta cheese crumbles
Cucumbers – as many as you would like.**

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I WILL (verily, I MUST!) teach one of our cats to sing Led Zepplin songs* like this cat:

Hello, I am seriously impressed.

Also, Photobucket is having some maintenance. Which is to say, there is bloggy goodness in chute for you, but it has no pictures, and that is too sad to publish like that. More soon!

*Incidentally, I found this video while searching for a good version of the viking cats singing Immigrant Song – this after I was trying to get the oldest cat to actually, you know, sing with me in the kitchen while I shrieked sang the AHHHHHH-AHHHHH-AHH! part. It was a little bit successful – I sang the AHHHHHH-AHHHHH-AHH!, and he stared at me for a second, and then went, AWOW.  Progress \o/


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