…that August has been spent quitting smoking. Which is to say, nearly nothing got done, and yet I feel like I should receive a medal. Which is to say, um, I kinda unintentionally took the month off of everything, including blogging, to gnash my teeth, gain nine pounds,* eat salted cucumbers,** and take up walking in order to convince myself that I need to stay quat.***

The blog will be back the first week of September. I have lots to tell you about, including a couple of 100 Delightful Things Project entries, some recipes, and some WoW screenies, and I do intend to get chatty.

So! Until next week, I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures I got while huffing and puffing along the bike trails with Man Cub.

*For the record, I’m on the turnaround now, and starting to lose that nifty nine pounds. I’m pretty sure it’s the walking and the less panic-eating.
**We are growing a bumper crop of pickling cucumbers this year. On the 1st, Day 1 of quitting smoking, I pickled some business.  About a week ago, I opened the first jar, and yo, they were terrible. Which is fine, because ever since I’ve discovered the joy which is pickling cucumbers cut into spears and salted within an inch of their lives, there’s been no hope of any more cucumbers finding their way into canning jars. Just sayin’.
***Quit, quat, however you would like to say it. I prefer quat, myself.