It’s true! We finally finished up the raid quest for the fancy stick! Shrove has a legendary! After collecting all kinds of seething this and fiery that, and the various pieces parts or monsters, a little less than a year after I won that fateful roll*, Shrove is now wielding Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest** \o/

True Tale:   This thing means a lot to me – this cartoon stick in an MMO. I wasn’t really sure we’d ever get it done. I still have leftover baggage from a point in playing when I never felt like I was valued because nothing I wanted to achieve ever got finished – raids where I never got in on the last boss fights, or achievements that I never got to finish because they needed a whole group and there was never a whole group to be found. And that baggage reared its ugly head when this stretched out, as End Of Expansion Blues kept people out of game.***

But I should have known better. Since joining this guild, I have been part of finishing things – end bosses and odd achievements† alike – and I want to say thank you to everyone in Lunaris who helped to make this happen – in spite of Blues and news, in spite of the occasionally spikey attitude, with some cheerleading along the way as I foundered, and a whole lot of patience. Huge thank yous.††  I’m 100% thrilled to have traveled it with you all.


*With a 100. From poor Sammy, who made sure to remind me last night, “That should have been my stick!” xD
**Which I shall enchant and gem at some point this week (Marp is making the red gems smart for me) .
***And, um, summertime bbq. Really, who doesn’t like bbq more than video games?
†Also, I have taken a long walk off a short pier onto a boat that wasn’t actually there. But that’s another story entirely.
†† Extra special thank yous to Howie and Elu, who championed for doing FL when we could do something else instead. And to former guildie, Ted, who kept cheering me on when I thought I couldn’t possibly defeat that awful dungeon event in Nexus.