Earlier today I posted up about my new camera (phone), and in the notes at the bottom, I mentioned that I’ve been working on Something. And I’ve made that Something.

I’ve desired for a while to make poetry videos that are not performance based (meaning videos that do not focus on the poet reading to the camera or the audience). And now that I have the camera (ok, phone), I’ve had the chance to try it. I started this project thinking that I would shoot some footage of the area around No. 208, have some friends climb up on the roof, and film them, blah blah blah. But I struggled with it, and it didn’t turn out. In a fit of aggravation, I turned to what I know best: my scraps table. I currently* know little to nothing about shooting a video, but I do know how to make a collage. And so that’s what I did.**

Here it is; I humbly offer you my very first video –

*Currently. I strongly desire to lean more, and so I will.
**I cut out some things. Then I wound some rubberbands around my phone and suspended it from the lamp above my desk and started filming. It looked about as well as you would imagine, which is to say wobbly and terribly lit. Will Dearest, bearing witness to my frustration, brought home from work a rig that holds the camera over the table, and a bunch of lights, and I shot it again. This time it went much better \o/