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Seriously, I cannot believe I never posted this recipe up. I went through all the Om Nom Nommies tagged entries, and it astounds me that my rice omelette never made it into here. So, um, let’s remedy that right now, shall we?

Have you ever seen the movie Tampopo? Will Dearest and I like to call it a ramen noodle western, and it’s one of our favorites. A japanese film from the eighties, it’s one of the very best movies about food I’ve ever seen.  It has a number of vignettes about food, weaved through the story of a woman who wants to open the best ramen stand in all of Japan. Nestled in there is this little gem about a hobo and a little boy who break into a closed restaurant kitchen to make an omelette –

And when I watched this with a friend who grew up in Japan, I was like, What in the world are they doing? Ken explained to me that rice omelettes were something he grew up with, a ketchupy delight, a treat. And I didn’t believe him – until he decided to prove it to me in the best of all ways, with breakfast. True story: zomg, rice omelette is for treat.

Many years later, I had a similar discussion with Will Dearest, wherein he gave me the suspicious eye about plans for dinner. And I would have said whatever and made something else,* only the cupboards were kinda bare, but for the leftovers and a carton of eggs. Among the leftovers was some yellow rice with Ro-Tel from the chicken and rice that we had eaten for dinner the night before. Well! Guess what? The rice omelette is now a dinner staple at No. 208, it was so well enjoyed.

The rice omelette I make is not the traditional ketchupy business, but it certainly can be made with white rice and ketchup instead (skip the cheese). I could also see it made with plain buttered and peppered rice with some veggies chopped up in it, or with leftover fried rice from chinese carryout (again, skip the cheese). So here’s the skinny:

Rice Omelette makes one omelette

2-3tbsp leftover rice**
2 eggs, beaten with a dash of water
a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese
butter for the pan

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