Zomg, finally! I thought this little guy would never drop out of a Heart Shaped Box. Granted, he’s not terribly different from my Disgusting Oozeling, but still. Still working on the Darkmoon Faire pets* (scored a cub last month), but now I’m up to 163. And still have no idea why I love collecting these. But I do.


*I know you wanted to know, so I did the research for you: unless you have the book in your inventory that they give you at the entrace of the Faire, you totes won’t get the ears to drop, no matter how many of what you kill. If you’re seeing them in the dungeons, it’s because someone else in your party has the book in their bags. Which is to say, don’t be dumb like me and forget to not ditch the book, and then sigh a lot in frustration.