So this happened over the weekend.

I couldn’t take it anymore – the beautiful sun room, the place where I started seeds in the springtime, and the wonderful library space with the comfy wicker chair that Snowball likes to call His Throne, had become a disaster. It started to collect stuff in the corners, becoming a catchall for random stuff. Basically, it became nigh unusable except as a place to stuff, well,  stuff. And when I walked through the apartment last week, it felt like more and more of it was becoming this combination between catchall and clearinghouse (oh, kitchen table!) and less sanctuary. Which, really? Was a pretty clear reflection of my headspace, which has been super chaotic for about two months now. Something had to freaking give – either that or my blood pressure was going to become yet another thing that I was going to worry about.

Well, my family will be in town this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I needed to clean the house till it sparkled anyway, so this seemed as good a time as any to move some stuff, right? Right.

So we moved stuff. I spent a month working up to the decision of what to do with the sun room. I knew that I needed to make it into a dedicated space in order to make it function, but I couldn’t decide between a yoga space or a studio space. We started moving stuff out of the room, because I figured that once it was more empty, I would be able to visualize what it was I wanted from the room. It wasn’t until we moved Queen Coleus that I started to get a clearer picture.

It was also when we moved Queen Coleus that things started to get really hairy. See that pretty red trunk? That was where we originally had the papasan chair. Which now I couldn’t bear to put back in that spot, because it would block the view to the trunk and the plant, which looked totally pretty together.  So I moved a bookcase on the other side of the room and stuck the chair there. Which made me want to move the table holding the teevee and assorted other electronics to the other wall.  (Only I hated it there, and in the morning would wind up moving it back.*) Did I mention, this took place at, like, nine o’clock at night?? But in the end it was worth it, and by the next morning, I had made a decision: project space it would be.

See, I’m going to lose half my desk if plans for December come together smoothly (more to reveal later – can’t talk about it yet), so the sewing machine was going to need a place to be. Also, as things are right now, with the cat traffic on and around my desk, I can’t start a 2-d project there and stop in the middle, for fear of feline feet and fur. And additionally, I’ve been sticking half completed business in the sun room for like, ever, so it makes perfect sense to have all the stuff I need for that kind of work in the same place, and easily accessed.

And here’s the really cool thing –  as we moved stuff, I realized I was starting to feel better – like a weight was lifting. Maybe it was the turning of chaos into order, maybe it was the sheer action and movement of moving things around, maybe it opened up the energy lines in the apartment. In honesty, I’m not entirely sure I care what it was – just that I feel SO MUCH BETTER. In fact, driving home from dealing with the grocery run this morning, I had an actual moment of freaking serenity. Dude, I haven’t had one of those in months. Clearly, change is happening. And I’m opening up my arms wide to receive it.

*Will Dearest, thank you for humoring me.