Ok, so the blue ox horns are finally finished \o/ For those of you not following along, Jaquelyn announced last month that she and her beau were going the couples Halloween costumes route, with her beau as Paul Bunyon, and her as Babe the Blue Ox. Which necessitated the making of horns. If you go back an entry, you’ll see how this whole thing started, with the spray foam and the carving it down with a box cutter (fun teims!).

And then the real fun began – first I sanded the hell out of them, then wrapped them in the legs from a pair of pantyhose. This not only helped to smooth everything out, but after overlapped, kept the horns attached to each other better than just the wire and glue.* Then I papier-mâchéd them and sanded them, and coated them in a few dozen coats of wood glue** before they got a spray paint in shiny white. Next up was some fanceh painting and finishing, and a little bit of pattern paper over the middle to just clean stuff up a bit.


                  painted ->

I’m not sure how much you can see on your monitor, but the blue came out subtle – I wanted it to be tinted, rather than colored, and that’s how it came out. The one thing I regret is that I forgot to tip the horns in gold paint before handing them over – somewhere in between starting these and finishing them, while reminding myself over and over about the gold paint treatment, I completely forgot. Oops.

The best part of the horns is that they don’t have a strap that holds them on. The tension from the wires is enough to make them stay on pretty well (so long as one walks with Good Posture), and then the hairdo that goes with the horns holds the whole thing secure with the help of a mere barrette. Here’s the fabulous Jaquelyn getting her ‘do on –

Which yields –

She took the horns up to NH with her for festivities over the weekend, with promises that she’ll take pix of the whole shebang, little blue dress and all – can’t wait to see!

So, this was a super fun project, and I would totally do it again. So, um, if you find you have need for horns, please let me know =)

*Which kept slipping >.<
**I know, it sounds weird, right? That’s what I thought too. But as it turns out, it smoothed and glossed the horns up really well, while not making them heavy.