So while I’ve been working on costumes around in real time, WoW has already started the Hallow’s End celebrations in Azeroth. And while I wasn’t that interested in them last year, since I’d already done the achievement for the event, there’s some new stuff this year – including pets!

One of the new pets, the Creepy Crate, you get via quest. Done and done, my friends; I now have a pet crate that eats critters randomly. But then there were two more – the Little Wickerman, and the Feline Familiar, each priced at a modest 150 Tricky Treats. Turns out the Little Wickerman actually isn’t a pet, but rather a toy, but that’s ok, too; I like toys.

So trick-or-treating I went! A LOT of trick-or-treating – each bucket you visit yields 2-3 of the treats. The good news is, now that we have achievements, I had a list of buckets in different regions* – this made things way easier than they could have been.

So! I got my kitty (and the Wickerman too – he’s a fun campfire). And I was delighted to find that the  Feline Familiar is not like the regular cat models** – he’s got glowy eyes, and pointy hat!

And! And! And! He has a tiny little broom! That flies!

Also, he makes yowly noises when you click on him =)

Ok, silly virtual goals met. Now back to working on these ox horns.

*FYI – there are buckets in places not on the lists, too.
*Which I have in every color >.<